Claim: Life Without God is Absurd

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Claim: Life Without God is Absurd by Mind Map: Claim: Life Without God is Absurd

1. Historical Background

1.1. Pascal's Arguments

1.1.1. wrote book to defend christian faith "apologie" Happiness of man with God-there is a redeemer Misery of man without God-Man is corupt miserable bc of uncertainty and insignificance man is miserable bc he knows he is miserable man is like a reed, strong and able to stand on his own, but influenced by what surrounds him mans greatness lies in his ability to survive independently

1.1.2. Doesn't believe in God, but questions his existence

1.1.3. Pascal thinks that anyone who is indifferent to God's existence is insane

1.2. Fyodor Dostoyevsky

1.2.1. questions god's morals says a loving god wouldnt allow a world to have so much suffering and evil

1.2.2. bc of his doubt of gods goodness some people thought he was an atheist

1.2.3. view on atheism defense of theism positive: innocent suffering perfects character and creates a closer relationship with god negatively: if one denies god then one is lan

1.3. Soren Kierkegaard

1.3.1. danish existentialist

1.3.2. presents a negative apologetic for the christian faith

1.3.3. man lives life in 3 diff consecutive stages: first: the aesthetic stage lives life on the sensual level (self pleasured and self centered) second: the ethical stage transition is motivation to have more in life. one seeks to gain more on a moral level and perform good deeds. the ethical life leads to guilt and despair last: the religious stage here man finds forgiveness of sins and a relationship with god.

1.4. Francis Schaeffer

1.4.1. "line of despair"

1.4.2. denial of absolutes "that act is morally wrong "this painting is aesthetically ugly"

1.4.3. once god is denied human life becomes worthless

1.4.4. only theistic view can save the human race from itsself

2. Assesment

2.1. the loss of God and Immortality

2.1.1. god is the only being to ask why. animals have instincts to guide them, while man learned to ask questions

2.1.2. if there is no God then life has become absurd no root, no meaning to life

2.1.3. no God: fear death one student did not feel the threat of god grew up on a farm where he saw animals dying and being born every day; death is a natural occurrence grew up on a farm where he saw animals dying and being born every day; death is a natural occurrence

2.1.4. universe is marching towards its own death: no escape, no hope

2.2. The absurdity of life without God and immortality

2.2.1. No ultimate meaning without God and immortality "the end of the world"-archibald macleish: basically says life is an "idiotic circus"(160)

2.2.2. No ultimate value without God and immortality because life has no value if there is no God, people take advantage of it (be selfish), but this leads to all sense of right and wrong evaporating.

2.2.3. No ulitmate purpose without God and immortality what is the goal of life if we have no moralistic values during it? we have no purpose

2.3. The practical impossibilty of atheism

2.3.1. The Meaning of Life people say there is no meaning to life without god no one person can give the world meaning therefore it remains meaningless

2.3.2. The Value of LIfe the most inconsistent if god does not exist then there is no right or wrong: all things are permitted a universe without moral accountability and devoid of value is unimaginably terrible

2.3.3. the Purpose of LIfe if one does not have a true purpose for life he will make up his own (usually atheists)

3. The Human Predicament

3.1. The Success of Biblical Christianity

3.1.1. christian view: god exists and mans life does not end at the grave

3.1.2. two things needed to live consistently and happily god immortality

3.2. each person chooses their own set of values and meaning

3.3. "Noble Lie"

3.3.1. inspires us to achieve social understand and equivalence