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Abortion by Mind Map: Abortion
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Common ground

Both sides try to naturalize abortion through sexuality,work and motherhood.

Both sides claim femeinism

Both seek to enhance the position of women within society

Boths side claim to speak the truth and these claims leave no place for the alternative interpetion of abortion

Both the prochoice and prolifer movement got help by appearing under-attack

Activist want abortion to fit in the value scheme of society.

General informatrion

The article emphasize the nature of abortion

More stories were collected from right to life vs right to choice this may show author bias

Activist are mostly Caucasian, middle class and female

The women in the study were mostly separate in generational shifts

In the east reproduction is the central to society, in the west this theme has been replaced with the urge for money and power and remain secondary to the ambitious nature.

The right to life is a battle between motherhood and the wage labor