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Abortion by Mind Map: Abortion

1. Pro-Choice

1.1. beliefs

1.1.1. Pro-choicers want to improve life in the society as a whole. They use politics and legal means to extend nuturance in to the culture as a whole, they define reproduction and emphasize the communities responsible for taking care of the depends. They reject that women are only childbearing , domestic caretakers

1.1.2. Nuturance is seen as a biological factor .Nurturance is seen as moral authority over female action, this definition confines them to the home and gives a economical,social and political disadvantage

1.2. Member profile

1.2.1. Prochoicer were women from the 1940 who around this time had children of their own. Feminism offer them resources which were no available before

1.3. Sterotypes

1.3.1. antifamily and godless

1.4. Stories

1.4.1. Kay Bellevue is a key activist here , she been active since 1972. Kay was married young and her view point is base from the drawbacks that come with motherhood. Her story share the element of most of the activist in line with her Janice Sundstrom, from a big family but had single child experience. Her stories surround the effect of not having too much kids and choosing between church beliefs( she is Roman Catholic) and what is right for her

2. Pro Life

2.1. Beliefs

2.1.1. Pro-llifer reject abortion on the basis of it turning women into structural men, because it denies nurturance and reproduction as a result of sex. in their view point abortion threatens the social order of opposites Pro-lifers fight against the commercialization of human dependency. The zygote being ripped from the women represent this. The ability of women to carry a child is the very essence of difference between the two sexes. This difference is what they want to protect

2.1.2. They define nurtuance as an achievement not a natural process.

2.2. Member Profile

2.2.1. Pro-lifers were born in the 1920’s and 1950’s composed mostly of women who are stay at home moms

2.3. Sterotpye

2.3.1. Right wing housewives unaware of the world.

2.4. Stories

2.4.1. Shirly a widow who emphasis her choice on the impact of her son on society. Helen, who story is based on the view of trying to fix her relationship with her dead mother and be thankful for birth after the death of her sister. Roberta on the commercialism of human relations

2.5. Means

2.5.1. Pro-lifer could use politics to close so now they target the client

3. Common ground

3.1. Both sides try to naturalize abortion through sexuality,work and motherhood.

3.2. Both sides claim femeinism

3.3. Both seek to enhance the position of women within society

3.4. Boths side claim to speak the truth and these claims leave no place for the alternative interpetion of abortion

3.5. Both the prochoice and prolifer movement got help by appearing under-attack

3.6. Activist want abortion to fit in the value scheme of society.

4. General informatrion

4.1. The article emphasize the nature of abortion

4.2. More stories were collected from right to life vs right to choice this may show author bias

4.3. Activist are mostly Caucasian, middle class and female

4.4. The women in the study were mostly separate in generational shifts

4.5. In the east reproduction is the central to society, in the west this theme has been replaced with the urge for money and power and remain secondary to the ambitious nature.

4.6. The right to life is a battle between motherhood and the wage labor