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Recreational Maths by Mind Map: Recreational Maths
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Recreational Maths

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

Magic Tricks

Handcuff Puzzles

Linking Paperclips

Human Knots

Large Hole in a Small Piece of Paper

Mobius Strips

3-Switches Puzzle

Speed Arithmetics

Algebraic Identities

24 Game

Visual Aids

Coconut and Monkey Puzzle

Number Patterns

Polygonal Numbers

Pascal's Triangle

Fibonacci Number

Magic Squares




7 Elevators Stop at 6 Floors

Weighing a Counterfeit Coin

1 Fake Coin in 9 Coins, Lighter/Heavier Known

1 Fake Coin in 9 Coins, Lighter/Heavier Unknown

1 Whole Pile of 10 Piles of Coins Lighter/Heavier

Unknown Bottle(s) of 10 Bottles of Pills Lighter/Heavier

River Crossing Puzzles

Bridge and Torch Problem

Missionaries and Cannibals Problem

4 Jealous Husband Problem with Island

Fox, Goose and Bag of Beans Problem

Father, Mother, 2 Sons, 2 Daughters, Policeman and Thief Problem


Stable Marriage Problem

Secretary Problem

Geometrical Optimization

Mathematical Background

Graph Theory

Modular Arithmetic

Divisibility Rule

Number Systems


Geometrical Transformation


Rigid Braced Framework


Tiling Dominoes


Knight Tour

8-Queen Puzzle


Langford Problem

Instant Insanity

3 Utilities Puzzle


Missing Dollar Riddle

Missing Square Puzzle

Inheriting 17 Horses Paradox



Cootie Catcher


9 Dots Puzzle

Josephus Problem

Alternative Proofs

Dissection Proof

Combinatorial Proof

Kirkman's Schoolgirl Problem

Social Golfer Problem