Tutorial 6

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Tutorial 6 by Mind Map: Tutorial 6

1. Changing the lookup field to text field

1.1. Open desired table in design view

1.2. Click the a field name box

1.3. Select lookup tab in the field properties pane

1.4. In display control properties, toggle between, "text box", "combo box", "field box"

2. Adding a subform to a form

2.1. In design view use the subform wizard to add the subform for table records to the bottom of the form

3. Resizing a control in design view

3.1. Click the control to select it

3.2. Place the pointer over the sizing handle

3.3. Drag the edge of the corner until its the size you like

3.4. Deselect to save form

4. Three kinds of controls in a form

4.1. Unbound Control

4.1.1. Not connected to a field in the database

4.2. Calculated Control

4.2.1. Is recalculated each time a value in the expression changes

4.3. Bound Control

4.3.1. Displays and maintains table field values

5. Adding and removing form header and form footers

5.1. In the design view right click the detail section and click for header/footer

5.2. In layout view click the button in the header/footer group to add a logo or title

6. Form tools

6.1. Split form tool

6.1.1. Creates form that displays data in views of datasheet and forms

6.2. Data sheet tool

6.2.1. Creates a form that shows all fields that are in a query or table

6.3. Multiple Item Tool

6.3.1. Creates a customize form that shows more than one record from a query or table

7. Creating Forms using Form Tools

7.1. Datasheet tool

7.1.1. Creates a form containing all the fields in a source table or query

7.2. Multiple item tool

7.2.1. Creates a customized form that displays multiple records

7.3. Split Form Tool

7.3.1. Creates customized form that displays the data in a form in both form and data sheet views

8. Adding a line to a form of Report

8.1. Display the form in design view

8.2. Click the more Button, then line tool

8.3. Position the pointer where you want the line to begin

8.4. Drag the pointer to where you want the line to end

8.5. Release the mouse button

9. Select, move, align, resize, and delete

9.1. Done in layout view

9.2. Click individual controls to select, or hold the SHIFT key to select multiple controls

9.3. Use the sizing and moving handles to arrange the size

9.4. Delete in design view. Right click the targeted control, and from the shortcut menu select delete