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Kino by Mind Map: Kino

1. Juana is Kino's wife and Coyotito's mother.She takes care of the family.She has always been by Kino's side.She has helped everyone through and through..She is technically speaking the HUB of the family

2. Apolonia

2.1. Helpful

2.1.1. Made food for Juana and Kino For the Journey

2.2. Apolonia is Juan Tomas's wife and she helps a bit by making food for Kino and his family

3. Juana

3.1. Prays

3.1.1. For divine Aid

3.2. Recognizes pearl is a threat

3.2.1. Symbol of evil

3.3. Serves important role

3.3.1. Changes Kino's enthusiasm

3.3.2. Shows Kino His desire for money is dangerous

4. Found Pearl

4.1. Gave thought of good future

4.1.1. sending Coyotito to school

4.1.2. Buying rifle

4.1.3. Officialy getting married

5. Coyotito

5.1. Bit by scorpion

5.2. Died

5.2.1. Sad Death

5.3. Coyotito is a son. He is bit by a scorpion at first but that is not how his death came.The doctor did a good deed and cured Kino.He goes on the journey with his family,which leads to his death

6. Juan Tomas

6.1. Helpful

6.1.1. Helped Kino escape town

6.2. Juan Tomas is Kino's brother.He helps Kino escape town and remains the same in the book.

7. Protanganist

7.1. Most focused on

8. Doctor

8.1. Took care of Coyotito

8.1.1. Nice task

8.2. Bit greedy

8.2.1. Wanted Money

8.3. Has Servant

8.3.1. Might be LAZY

8.4. The doctor is good and bad in the book.He does a very good deed by curing Coyotito but he asks for quite a bit of money.

9. Wants to change his life

10. Motivated by basic drives

10.1. Love for his family

10.2. Loyalty to the traditions of his village and his people

11. Possesses a quick mind and a strong work ethic

12. Content with his life at first

13. Trackers

13.1. Were in woods

13.2. Tryed to find Kino and Juana

13.3. Trackers were looking for Kino and Juana in the forest.One of the Trackers killed Coyotito

14. Kino is a husband,father,and brother in this book.He takes well care of his family.He wants the best for them. Doesn't everyone?He protects and guards the pearl throughout the book.He forgets that evil is upon him in the desire for a better future