The Media

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The Media by Mind Map: The Media

1. Types

1.1. New Media

1.1.1. Computer Games

1.1.2. Internet Social Media Blogs Twitter, Facebook, myspace, friendster, tumblr

1.1.3. Cable/Digital

1.2. Traditional Media

1.2.1. Outdoor: Poster, Placecards, Tissue Paper Packets, Flyers

1.2.2. Radio, Movies/Films, TV(Broadcast), Magazines, Newspaper, Books (Print)

2. Functions/Roles

2.1. To communicate

2.1.1. To Inform

2.1.2. To educate

2.1.3. To entertain Computer Games/ Online Games

2.1.4. Shape public opnion and political agenda General Election 2011 - Usage of social media to garner support from citizens Nazi's Propoganda "A stake for everyone, Opportunities for all" - Ensure that every citizens are not left out, allow them to voice their opinions on government decisions Government of Azerbaijan has been cracking down harshly on civil society and state media are routinely used to smear NGOs and individual activists. Russia's state television, particularly NTV, has repeatedly broadcast to national audience sensationalistic programs that suggest human right activists and other reformers are working for outside interests, or are otherwise seeking to harm the Russian state

2.1.5. Link between Government and the people Government's White paper Budget debates

2.1.6. Government Watchdog

2.1.7. Socialisation (Instilling of values) Celebrities such as Jackie Chan, Angelina Jolie, Girls Generation participated in charity events --> Garner support from fans to play a part in charity events

2.1.8. Political Agenda Farenheit

2.2. Economic Function

2.2.1. Presence of advertisement on TV and the internet aids the economyas it helps make our capitalistic community prosper, provide jobs

2.2.2. multi-billion industry

2.2.3. E-Commerce

2.3. To act as a community forum

2.3.1. SgForum - Platform for people to talk about/discuss issues

3. Definition of Mass Media: means of public communication reaching a large audience

4. Impacts

4.1. Individual

4.1.1. Values Farmville - Addiction to games resulting in death of baby due to neglect Learning to reach out to communities and organisation that need help - Make a wish foundation

4.1.2. Lifestyle Choices Inappropriate content such as 16 and pregnant

4.1.3. Cyberbullying Survey has shown that Singapore has the second highest number of cyber-bullying cases after the US

4.1.4. Loss of privacy Facebook facing privacy issue in 2011

4.1.5. Fame Michelle Phan got famous from posting videos on youtube which got her famous as her beauty channel on youtube is the most subscribed beauty channel on youtube

4.2. Global/ Regional

4.2.1. Environment movements Earth Hour "An Incovenient Truth" - documentary film about former US vice president Al Glore's campaign to educate citizens about global warming

4.2.2. Conflicts Maria Hertogh riot Cartoons on Islamic prophet Muhammad Fitna video

4.2.3. Global culture and cultural exchange ASEAN's Agreement for the promotion of cooperation in mass media and cultural activities

4.3. National

4.3.1. Security Issues Terrorist uses mass media to influence others

4.3.2. Instilling values Charity shows such as NKF being broadcast through Mediacorp to encourage citizens to donate and help the charity organisation

4.3.3. Identity Creation Facebook having over 600 million users, provides a platform for identity creation

4.3.4. Political Agenda President Barack Obama effective use of social media reach millions of voters and supporters for his election in 2008

5. Censorship

5.1. Who censors?

5.1.1. MDA (Singapore)

5.1.2. Self-Censorship

5.1.3. Government

5.2. Types of material to censor

5.2.1. Material with violence Over exposure could result in agressive behaviour Kenya without censorship resulted in violence due to ethnic inflammatory

5.2.2. Sexual content Movies are rated so as to protect the young

5.3. Its a response to the impacts of Mass Media by the act, practice or process of censoring