Chapter 6 & 7

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Chapter 6 & 7 by Mind Map: Chapter 6 & 7

1. Partial Truths

1.1. carnivalization of desire is largely a masculinist vision of desire and transgression

1.2. sexuality is important to Carioca identity and Brazilian culture

1.2.1. Brazilians proudly are interested in and devoted to their own normative heterosexuality It is more concerned with buttocks than with breasts

1.3. male infidelity although disliked is seen as natural

1.3.1. boys are expected to become seducers unhealthy for men to go without sex. Gloria believes men must have access to sex

1.4. men tend to take advantage of women and abuse children

1.5. females are told to keep their virginity in attempts to keep from having another mouth to feed

1.6. women enjoy compliments and not to receive any was a sign of punishment

1.7. elderly engage in much sexual talk and banter

1.8. no women is seen bragging about their extramarital affairs

1.8.1. double standard on fidelity

1.9. humor

1.9.1. sexual teasing

1.9.2. sexual jokes

1.10. young teens have relations with older adults

2. What's So Funny About Rape

2.1. Marilla tried to kill her husband Celso with rat poison. However, like every other problem in her life, Celso proved difficult to kill

2.2. rape is a serious offense that provokes retailoratory violence

2.3. Gloria's teenage daughter and niece were raped

2.3.1. Anita screamed to pretend she was still a virgin Claudia's virginity was taken by the rapist

2.3.2. that incident prompted Gloria to relocate from the "real" neighborhood of Duque de Caxias to Felicidade Eterna

2.4. Humor is used as a "response to a moral and legal system that is currently incapable of addressing the grievances of women in the dominated classes."

2.4.1. stories become humorous when presented in its entirity

2.5. rape is hard to prove

2.5.1. Non-virgins and women with multiple partnerships had difficulty winning rape cases

2.6. Anita had become pregnant by her boyfriend Gabriel but found out after the rape

2.6.1. Her mother thought it was as a result of rape and used all her Christmas money to buy remedies Later she found out the truth which led to arguments with her mother

2.6.2. Anita became pregnant again and gave birth to a girl, Gabriela, and lived with Gabriel in a common-law marriage

2.7. Gloria is tired of supporting her children and irresponisble boyfriends

2.8. Women often find themselves escaping one form of victimization and entering into another

2.8.1. Anita wanting to escape her mom's boyfirend Ignacio and found Gabriel