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Chapter 4 by Mind Map: Chapter 4

1. Mass

1.1. Amount of matter in a body

1.1.1. Number and composition of atoms and molecules

1.2. Does not change with its location or shape

1.3. Scalar

1.4. SI Unit: kilogram/kg

1.5. Measured by beam balance

1.5.1. Beam Balance

2. Weight

2.1. Amount of gravitational force acting on a body

2.2. It is a force, therefore is a vector (acting downwards)

2.3. Dependent on gravitational field strength

2.4. SI Unit: newton/N

2.5. Measured by

2.5.1. Electronic Balance

2.5.2. Spring Balance

2.6. Weight = Mass X Gravitational field strength

3. Inertia

3.1. Reluctance of an object to change its state of rest or motion due to its mass

3.2. Greater mass = Greater inertia = Harder to start moving, slow down, move faster, or change direction

4. Gravitational Field Strength

4.1. Gravitational Field: A region where mass experiences a force due to gravitational attraction

4.2. Gravitational force acting per unit mass

4.3. Weaker gravitational field strength = Weighs less

5. Density

5.1. Mass divided by volume

5.2. How much mass is packed into a given space; mass per unit volume

5.3. SI Unit: kilogram per cubit metre

5.4. Higher density = Sink, Lower density = Float