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Tree Farm Vision by Mind Map: Tree Farm Vision
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Tree Farm Vision


Who do we want to be?

Are we a Spurwind, Are we a Paramount, Are we active adult, entry level community, Custom Community, Estate Community. How do we want to look.  We need to decide who we want to before we talk about housing, and inventory, product mix. Big, Inovative, What does that mean, Are we looking for sales velocity and asorbtion, Tropy. Investment vehcile? 134 lot sub? 268 total


Active Adult?

1st & 2nd Move up community? aka Paramount

Estate/custom homes

Spurwing Original

Entry Level-Value? with high density

Competing against Corey and Hubble except with Possibility of town homes, patio homes, z lots etc

Project Strategy

Increase Density?

Status of Project?

Final map approved? or T-Map approved, can we density and overall plan be revised?  If so, timing? Cost? etc.  Does increasing density make sense? 

Ownership Group Goals?

What is the Goals of Owners?  


Homebuilding/vertical construction

Home building


Who- prospective builders? who will be the players? What-  Product mix and type When- timing of homebuilding? Why- what is a compelling reason to build in an environment like this? How- Financing? (Lot purchase financing, vertical construction financing, Model financing provided by developer?)

Sales & Marketing

Operational Considerations

Strategic Considerations