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Drugs by Mind Map: Drugs

1. Cocain

1.1. Effects (High Doses

1.1.1. anxiety sleep disorders paranoia tremors and muscle twitches nausea and vomiting rapid and weak pulse chest pain heart attack kidney failure hypothermia (low body temperature) seizures increased heart rate and body temperature brain haemorrhage stroke and convulsions.

1.2. Effect (Long term)

1.2.1. insomnia and exhaustion depression anxiety, paranoia and psychosis eating disorders and weight loss sexual dysfunction hypertension and irregular heart beat sensitivity to light and sound hallucinations cerebral atrophy (wasting of the brain) and impaired thinking.

1.3. Effects

1.3.1. immediate 'rush', feelings of euphoria feelings of invincibility a sense of wellbeing increased talkativeness or quiet contemplation and rapture increased confidence and a feeling of invincibility feelings of great physical strength and mental capacity increased libido anxiety, agitation and panic paranoia unpredictable violent/aggressive behaviour feeling more awake, reduced need for sleep increased performance on simple tasks enlarged (dilated) pupils dry mouth increased breathing rate increased blood pressure and heart rate (after initial slowing) reduced appetite increased body temperature increased strength and energy indifference to pain and localised pain relief.

2. Tobacco

2.1. Nicknames

2.1.1. Cigs, fags, butts, darts, smokes, cancer sticks, ciggies, rollies.

2.2. Effects (Low Doses)

2.2.1. initial stimulation, then reduction in activity of brain and nervous system increased alertness and concentration feelings of mild euphoria feelings of relaxation increased blood pressure and heart rate decreased blood flow to fingers and toes decreased skin temperature bad breath decreased appetite dizziness nausea, abdominal cramps and vomiting headache coughing, due to smoke irritation.

2.3. Effects (High Doses)