30 minutes of pure observation

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30 minutes of pure observation by Mind Map: 30 minutes of pure observation

1. A bunch of branches an leafs were piled

1.1. Brown leafs bot not rotten!

1.2. Perfectly piled!

1.3. One of the nearby houses have a big and empty yard

1.3.1. They could have a small worm farm Feed them the piled leafs

2. A corner store

2.1. They trash can is chained to a three?

2.1.1. Who would want to rob a trash can? The trash can should not be by the store, but in the middle of the next block

2.1.2. The side walk after the store is filthy Candy wrappers Ice cream wrappers Potato chip wrappers Funny, on just on block...

3. The sidewalk is crooked!

3.1. I wonder why someone would want to break the sidewalk?

3.1.1. What to gain?

3.1.2. Who would gain?

3.2. Seems like a bad quality civil work

3.2.1. Gas line or phone line upgrade?

3.2.2. Should edges and joints of an upgrade have rubber or plastic resins?

4. A supermarket parking lot filled with college students drinking beers

4.1. out of a white plastic bag

4.2. Standing up?

4.2.1. what is the fun in that?

4.3. The supermarket should build a comfortable area

4.3.1. The kids will drink the beer anyway

4.3.2. Sell them the beer

4.3.3. Create a long lasting bond with the supermarket brand! Convinience a fun time, and comfortable moment of consumption

4.3.4. Ask the beer company´s to fund part of the building project

5. Big chunks of bread on the grass

5.1. Seems like one of our neighbors likes to feed birds

5.2. All the dogs walk straight to eat the crums

5.3. Build a nice birdhouse

6. A lot of leafs all over the sidewalk and the park

6.1. There are may big trees around my house

6.2. The city takes toooooo long to take care of the trees and parks

6.2.1. Find a business model that uses the leafs and the grass A worm farm An ant farm

7. A Crash Course on Creativity Created by: Francisco Puentes