E Journalism Tool Kit

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E Journalism Tool Kit by Mind Map: E Journalism Tool Kit

1. Electronic Presses

1.1. Video

1.1.1. YouTube

1.1.2. U Stream

1.1.3. Skype

1.2. Voice

1.2.1. Skype

1.2.2. Pod Casts

1.2.3. Vocaroo Audacity

1.3. Images

1.3.1. Twitter

1.3.2. Facebook

1.3.3. Instagram

1.4. Text

1.4.1. Blogger

1.4.2. Twitter

1.4.3. Facebook

1.4.4. Word Press

1.4.5. Scoop It

1.4.6. Google Docs

1.4.7. Tumbler

2. Online Organizers

2.1. Zotero

2.1.1. Organizers websites and can porduce a bibliography

2.2. RSS Readers

2.2.1. Feedly

2.2.2. Google Reader Will be shut down July 1, 2013

2.2.3. NewsBlur

3. Final Presentation

3.1. PechaKucha

3.2. My Brain Shark

4. Class Outline Progression

4.1. Daily Blogging

4.1.1. Used Blogger Manitoba Archery Reflected on class activties Wrote journalistic articles

4.2. Use Voice Over Internet Protocol

4.2.1. Used Skype daily in class

4.2.2. Used Skype chat with group after class

4.2.3. Wrote article on Skype

4.3. Use online collaborative word processing applications

4.3.1. Google Docs blog

4.3.2. Wrote article on Google Docs

4.3.3. Used Google Docs in Class and Linked to Blog

4.4. Use digital editing applications to create a news podcast

4.4.1. Created a news podcast using Audacity and Vocaroo

4.4.2. Used Audacity and Vocaroo in class

4.5. Use collaborative online bibliography applications to collect, sort and share resources

4.5.1. Used Zotero Will use in the future to help with bibliographies

4.5.2. Used Zotero to add sources to my new articles

4.6. Establish a RSS reader account to systematically gather and organize online resources

4.6.1. I have set up and used a Google Reader account

4.6.2. I blogged on Google Reader

4.7. Establish and maintain various social media accounts

4.7.1. Twitter #agb3131

4.7.2. Blog

4.7.3. Facebook Group

4.7.4. Skype aaron.bull68

4.8. Use web maps to create a customized event report

4.8.1. Used Maps in class and linked to blog

4.8.2. Created a map to go along with a news story

4.9. Create online video news reports

4.9.1. Posted and created Youtube videos

4.9.2. Created a Youtube news cast on my blog

4.10. Use collaborative online concept mapping tools to organize reports and articles

4.10.1. Used Mind Meister in class daily

4.10.2. Link Mind Meister to my blog

4.10.3. Used Mind Meister to keep organized in class

4.11. Final Presesntation

5. Useful Programs and Sites

5.1. My File Hippo

5.1.1. CCleaner

5.1.2. Malwarebytes

5.2. Google Books

5.2.1. Look Up Dates of Words

5.2.2. Ngram Viewer