Tech Task Force

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Tech Task Force by Mind Map: Tech Task Force

1. Archive

1.1. 17/18

1.1.1. Session 1 Goals for the evening Provide a YTD snapshot of Fairport instructional technology. Smart Schools Status Technology plan Feedback

1.2. 14/15

1.2.1. 10/14 Session I Technology Update Projector Status Wireless Update 13/14 Usage Update Goals Task Force Survey Update Local District Status Student involvement Question Followup Parent Questions BOE Questions Teacher Questions

1.2.2. 12/1 Session II Agenda Smart Schools Bond Update YTD Task Force Take Aways Develop Technology Vision Statement Year to Date Technology Update Goals Understand SmartSchools Current Parameters Understand current Tech Status Understand the task force Takeaway for 14/15 Use Survey

1.2.3. 5/12 Session III Agenda Smart Schools Update Technology Survey Plan BrightBytes 11-16TechPlanGoals Goals Understand Timeline Understand Work ahead Technology Priorities

1.2.4. 8/11 Session IV Agenda Technology Survey Plan Goals Feedback on Plan Content Notes Vision and Goals Plan and Implementation Status of initiatives Professional Development Stakeholder Groups

1.3. 13/14

1.3.1. Fairport Student Use Top Websites Top Apps Computer Access Total hours of Student computer use. Enrollment Student Hardware Classroom Mobile Laptop carts TVT 2013 Session 1 Past Survey's TVT Videos Fairport Network Past and Present Old Network New Design

1.3.2. Sample Schools Clark County (IN) Dobbs Ferry (NY) Gainesville (GA) Guilford (NC) Lanse Schools (MI) Los Angeles (CA) Manchester (CT) Marysville Schools (MI) Monroe County Schools Survey Survey Questions Norfolk (VA) Pace (Pittsburgh) Ravenscroft (NC) Rochester (NY) Romeo (MI) Sheffield (OH) SouthEastern (MA) Trinity (PA) West Central (Indiana)

1.3.3. National Picture Guilford Amplify Tablet Japan Textbook Publishers CONETS Teaching Needs iPad Study United States Govt 5 Point Technology Plan ConnectED HighSpeed Internet 60% Universities with Google Apps Top 61 Universities on Google Chromebooks 22% of School Districts Flipped Classroom Job Needs Ukrainian Education Revolution Rollout Issues Guilford Tablets Increasing Access Fiscal needs. Los Angeles iPads Digital Citizenship Children Mobile Use Internet Filtering The RIght way to do it. Internet 1969

1.3.4. Session #1 11/13 Agenda Purpose Goals Fairport Review Prep for Session II

1.3.5. Session II Perception Discussion Parent Questions

1.3.6. Session III Teacher Questions Fairport Perception What is an absolute non-negotiable Fairport needs to provide in regards to preparation for Career and college. Notes Agenda 4/1/14 Future Careers Before Session I and after discussion on perceptions Final Take Aways Technology Update BOE Questions Fairport Perception What Technology or Electronic supports does Fairport need to provide to enable learning?

2. 18/19

2.1. Notes

2.1.1. Tech Plan Feedback

2.1.2. DAC Perceptions Communication Strategies Information Overload Commentator /paper based

2.2. Project updates

2.2.1. VOIP FHS/NS/DU MD JP MB, Summer

2.2.2. Door Access updated

2.2.3. Updated Security cameras

2.2.4. Security/Communications

2.2.5. Summer EQ 4th 5th Class sets Secondary Old converted cart replacements

2.3. Agenda

2.3.1. TVT Nyscate 21st Cent Classroom PD Online