Los Angeles

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Los Angeles by Mind Map: Los Angeles

1. Entertainment

1.1. Hollywood is located here, which is full of celebrities, film studios, shows etc.

2. Economy

2.1. According to Forbes Los Angeles is named the world's 8th most economically powerful city.

3. Luxury Housing

3.1. Brentwood, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood Hills are some of the most expensive areas of livong where houses can go for tens of millions!

4. Government

4.1. In L.A. they have a mayor-council system.

5. People

5.1. In Los Angeles there is an estimatated population of 3.8 million, the two main languages spoken there are English and Spanish.

6. Business/Shopping

6.1. Areas such as Rodeo Drive,Robertson Blvd, Melrose Avenue, Beverly Blvd, and Third Street are very well known and noticeable shopping areas.

7. Competition

7.1. Some of the big names you would be competing with would be Tiffany's, Chanel, Gucci, and Armani chain stores.

8. Incomes

8.1. The median income for a male is $31,880 and a female was $30,197.

9. Climate

9.1. Los Angeles is a pretty much always a warmer area, not as hot as areas such as Miami or Phoenix, but a nice temperature.

10. Transportation

10.1. Transportation in Los Angeles varies from buses, undergound rail(subway), taxi's, car, walk, helicopter.

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11.1. you have lots of pictures that relate to the writhing,nice

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12.1. You have lots of relevant information,nice

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12.2. Nice infromation, pictures look nice. Maybe try adding something about there culture -Robby

13. Culture/History

13.1. Los Angeles was officially settled as a city on Sept.4 1781, known as Los Pobladores. But is now known as Los Angeles which means "The Angels."