Strategic Thrust 3: Enhancing Professionalism of our staff

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Strategic Thrust 3: Enhancing Professionalism of our staff by Mind Map: Strategic Thrust 3: Enhancing Professionalism of our staff

1. Staff Training & Development

1.1. Induction

1.1.1. New teaching staff Beginning teachers Trainee teachers Relief teachers Contract teachers

1.1.2. New appointments

1.1.3. New non-teaching staff

1.2. Capacity building

1.2.1. Teaching staff Curriculum innovation ICT-Infused Learning Understanding by Design Assessment for learning GRACE (Project Work) Authentic Learning Pedagogic Approaches Inquiry-Based Learning Problem-Based Learning Lesson Study Modeling Visual T Cooperative Learning Strategies Classroom Management

1.2.2. Key personnel Leadership skills MLS IPAM courses on leadership Strategic Thinking Lead in Strategic Steering Committee Year Head Criterion Leaders Organisational Effectiveness Management Skills

1.3. Monitoring & Review

1.3.1. People Developer System Pre- & Post Course Review Learning Effectiveness Report Course Evaluation Form

1.4. Planning & Organising

1.4.1. People Developer System Strategic learning direction Individual Learning Needs analysis Department Learning Direction Total Learning Plan

2. Staff Performance & Recognition

2.1. EPMS

2.1.1. Work Assignmnet

2.1.2. Mid Year Work Review

2.1.3. End of Year Work Review

2.2. Ranking

2.2.1. Potential Promotion Career Progression

2.2.2. Performance Performance Bonus

2.3. Nomination for Awards

2.3.1. School Based Marist Teacher of the Year

2.3.2. Beyond School Outstanding Contribution Award Team Individual National Day Award Outstanding Youth in Education Award Caring Teacher Award President Award for Teacher

3. Staff Involvement

3.1. Deployment

3.1.1. CCA Provide options

3.1.2. Committee

3.1.3. Form teachership

3.1.4. Subject teachers

3.2. Work Improvement

3.2.1. Staff Suggestion Scheme

3.2.2. Professional Learning Communites

3.2.3. Task Forces

4. Staff Morale

4.1. Rewards

4.1.1. Promotion

4.1.2. Performance Bonus

4.1.3. OCA award

4.1.4. Teachers' Day Dinner

4.2. Recognition

4.2.1. Nomination for award OYEA National Day Award President Award for Teacher

4.2.2. Appointments

4.2.3. Congratulatory Notes emails Assembly announcement Contact Times

4.3. Monitoring

4.3.1. Survey Year-end survey MOE Climate Survey

4.3.2. Dialogue Sessions

4.3.3. Feedback from KPs