Cold War events

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Cold War events by Mind Map: Cold War events

1. Cuban Missile Crisis - 1963

1.1. The Cuban Missile Crisis occurred in October of 1963 when Nikita Khrushchev placed nuclear missiles in Cuba to off-set the American missiles in Turkey that were pointed at the Soviet Union.

1.2. This event is considered "hot" or intense because it is the closest both sides came to an all-out nuclear assault. One mistake from either side could have resulted in a nuclear holocaust that would have devastated both countries.

2. SALT - Strategic Arms Limitations Treaty, 1972

2.1. SALT was an agreement between the United States and the Soviet Union to begin to limit their stockpile of nuclear weapons.

2.2. SALT was a relatively "cool" event because both sides were talking to each other and working together to work toward a more peaceful solution to their problems rather than stockpiling nuclear weapons to intimidate their foe.

3. The Marshal Plan - 1947

3.1. The Marshal Plan was an European economic recovery program in which the United States sent money to rebuild a war torn Europe.

3.2. This is a relatively warm event because the US was giving money to ensure their economic interests in Europe. Also the US was giving money to prevent those European countries from falling into economic chaos and preventing a communist takeover.

4. Truman Doctrine - 1947

4.1. Description:

4.2. Explain why it created tension between the US and Soviet Union.

5. UN Formed 1945

5.1. Description:

5.2. Why the event decreased tension between the US and USSR

6. Soviet Explodes their first nuke - 1949

6.1. Description

6.2. Explanation of hot/cold:

7. Communism comes to China - 1949

7.1. Description

7.2. Explanation of hot/cold

8. Nikita Khrushchev era -1953

8.1. Description

8.2. hot/cold

9. Soviet invasion of Afghanistan - 1979

9.1. Description

9.2. Hot/Cold