Falter (verb)

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Falter (verb) by Mind Map: Falter (verb)

1. Synonyms

1.1. Hesitate

1.2. Stumble

1.3. Stamer

2. Antonyms

2.1. Stay

2.2. Remain

2.3. Maintain

3. Examlpes

3.1. Faltered child

3.2. Falter lady

4. Definition

4.1. To hesitate in purpose or action; waver

4.2. To walk unsteadily

4.3. To speak brokenly or weakly

5. Other Forms

5.1. Falteringly (adverb)

5.1.1. Durring the interveiw, when she falteringly answered the question, it showed she was scared.

5.2. Falterer (noun)

5.2.1. The falterer kept on tripping while he was walking.