PMO Principles

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PMO Principles by Mind Map: PMO Principles

1. When to use a PMO

1.1. Scope Changes

1.2. Multiple Suppliers

1.3. Standardisation of Reporting

1.4. Single Source for Communications

1.5. Diversity of Location

1.6. Critical Timing

1.7. Resurce Scarcity


2.1. Core Principles

2.2. Benefits

3. Critical Success Factors

3.1. You - The way you work relates to the success of your business.

3.2. Your Enterprise: It is about your team, and YOUR organization. Your work is critical to creating competitive advantage.

3.3. Easy: Easy isn't a "nice to have", it's a "MUST have" !. The easier it is to use, the easier it is to get everyone on board.

3.4. Mid-office: Sitting between the front office and back office is all the work that the PMO does.

3.5. On-Demand: Login and access your work anywhere you have internet access.

4. Best Practises

4.1. Take the PMO outside Information Services

4.2. Focus on Methods

4.3. Accessibility of the PMO "System"

4.4. Don't over-complicate the Process with Complex Tools

5. Benefits

5.1. New node

5.2. New node

6. Formation and Launch