Dysconscious Racism

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Dysconscious Racism by Mind Map: Dysconscious Racism

1. Limited and distorted understanding about inequity and cultural diversity.

1.1. This makes it hard for teachers to act in favor of truly equitable education.

2. Definition: "Dysconsciousness is an uncritical habit of mind (including perceptions, attitudes, assumptions, and beliefs) that justifies inequity and exploitation by accepting the existing order of things as given.

3. A form of racism that tacitly accepts dominant White norms and privileges.

4. Category I - Explanations begin and end with slavery.

4.1. Category II - Emphasis is on the denial of equal opportunity to Black people.

5. Teaching social justice to future educators

5.1. Have students analyze and reflect on their own knowledge and experience.

5.2. Encourage students to take a stance against mainstream views and practices that dominate the school and society.

5.3. Introduce students to the perspective that education is not neutral.