The Bible and Health

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The Bible and Health by Mind Map: The Bible and Health

1. Objections

1.1. Mark 7:15

2. 3 John 2

3. Why is there suffering?

3.1. 4 causes of suffering mentioned in the bible

3.1.1. Natural suffering Original Earth was very different Canopy of water above atmoshpere Oxygen Ps. 104:29 Limitations of environment and dimensions Everyone Dies

3.1.2. God's judgement God smote him with an incurable disease Acts 12:23

3.1.3. Willful Sin Ignorance Hosea 4:6 Deliberate disobedience alcohol Concerns:

3.1.4. Purifying Grace 1 Corinthians 12:9

4. What to do to avoid disease

4.1. Sanitation

4.1.1. Leviticus Many bacteria can't live past 7 days

4.1.2. 83 verses in the bible about washing

4.2. Exercise

4.2.1. Genesis 3:17 Why was the ground cursed? To make us move and sweat

4.2.2. Rest

4.3. Attitude

4.3.1. Proverbs 17:22

4.3.2. Proverbs 16:24

4.3.3. James 5:15

4.3.4. Respond to Stress Appropriately

4.4. Diet

4.4.1. Satan has a plan to destroy humanity in every possible way Satanic plot or love of money; the food supply has dwindled substantially. We have eliminated variations We have added chemicals

4.4.2. Genesis 1:29

4.4.3. Genesis 9:4 Only command that was never lifted

4.4.4. Leviticus 11:10

4.4.5. Leviticus 17:1 Pay attention to these because they don't change

4.4.6. Exodus 15:26

4.4.7. Deuteronomy 7:12-15

4.5. Breath

4.6. Drink Water

5. Two different philosophies to heal the body

5.1. Creation

5.1.1. Design

5.1.2. Nutrition

5.1.3. addresses the cause

5.2. Evolution

5.2.1. Random

5.2.2. Chemical

5.2.3. Addresses the symptom

6. Types of Vitamins

6.1. Synthetic

6.2. Natural

6.3. Live

6.3.1. What happens if you cook seeds before planting them?

6.3.2. Shackley Vitamins?

7. What to do if you have a disease

7.1. Check to see if there is a cause

7.2. Pray for God to remove it

7.2.1. 2 Corinthians 12:8-9

7.3. Have the elders pray and anoint with oil

7.4. Accept it and go on serving the Lord

7.4.1. Phil 3:1,3

8. The Bible Diet in Chronological Order

8.1. The Genesis Diet

8.1.1. Genesis 1:29-31

8.2. Post Flood Diet

8.3. The Levitical Diet

8.4. The Babylonian Diet

8.5. Jesus' Diet

8.6. The Diet after Peter's Vision

8.6.1. Acts 10:9-19

8.6.2. Acts 10:21

8.7. The History of Diet

8.8. Today's Diet

9. Logical Line of Thinking?

9.1. Do you believe the Bible is the inerrant, infallible, inspired word of the Living God?

9.1.1. Yes Do you believe that Sin is any deviation from God's perfect and holy righteousness? Yes

9.1.2. No

9.2. Do you believe that "God saw that it was good" repeated in the story of Creation in Genesis, should be interpreted that it was complete? Finished? Done? In its final place?

9.2.1. Do you believe that sin is defined as missing the mark of God's perfect righteousness? Do you believe that our sin caused our diet to be complete now that we were allowed to eat meat? If we get to this point and we agree that the original garden of Eden diet was the complete and whole diet for humans; than anything else is a sin according to our definition of sin.

10. When is it Gluttony?

11. Living to our Capacity

11.1. The golden thread exhibited by cultures that live to be "old" age

11.1.1. Consistent Movement

11.1.2. Stop eating before they get full

11.1.3. Elders gain respect within community as they age

11.2. The Garden of Eden was a lot different

11.2.1. Structure Waters above the firmament Much more land mass Upright

11.2.2. Result Huge Lifespan

12. You can take in Physical, Mental and Spiritual Toxins or Obstructions from your environment.

13. Who To trust?

13.1. The Bible (infallible)

13.2. Natural Order of Universe (Infallible, but must be properly interpreted by humans which is fallible)

13.3. Written History (fallible)

13.4. Known Science (fallible)

13.5. Logical Observation (fallible)

13.6. Physical Test (infallible)

14. Is it sin?

14.1. Mathew 15:11

14.2. Mark 7:20

14.3. Luke 16:17

14.4. Acts 10:9-19

14.4.1. Acts 10:21

14.5. Romans 14

14.6. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

14.7. 1 Corinthians 3:16-17

14.8. 1 Corinthians 8:9-13

14.9. Alcohol

14.9.1. Proverbs 20 Proverbs 23

14.10. Let's ignore the Levitical laws and say that eating unhealthy food isn't a sin.

14.10.1. You'd still have to promote that the Original plant diet was viewed by God as good or complete

15. I am NOT focusing solely on the physical. I am proposing that we follow all of God's laws as they are in the Bible for our own good. I propose that the world as a whole has been been deceived by Satan and this false doctrine of abrogating the dietary laws has been perpetuated throughout even the Church!

15.1. Christians as an organization believe that humans have a sinful nature within our flesh even after we are saved and we will occasionally fail to follow God's commandments.

15.1.1. We are instructed to confess our sins and God is faithful and just to forgive us. We are further instructed to seek his will through, prayer and by spending time in His word for the renewal of our minds, so that we may rightly divide the word of truth. We scour His word for guidance on our behavior when it comes to tithing, fellowshipping, marriage, career decisions, finances, raising children, and more... why don't we consult the Bible about how to live to be physically well for His glory?

15.2. Even with the epidemic of suffering going on; we haven't fallen on our knees and gone back to the scripture for what His word says.

15.2.1. Has the church not been prone to self deception in the past? What makes us incorruptible?

16. My belief includes the ENTIRE word of God and fundamentally stands on the idea that God wants what is best for us.

16.1. Genesis

16.1.1. Creation and Intelligent Design of our physical body

16.2. Revelation

16.2.1. Satan's plan to kill as many humans as possible to prevent them from spreading the Gospel

17. Pharmakeia

17.1. Pharmaceuticals


17.2. Cannabis

17.2.1. Cannabis and Holy Oil

17.2.2. Mary Jane and the Bible

17.2.3. Jesus used cannabis?

17.2.4. sorcery mind altering

17.2.5. Hemp

17.3. Caffeine

17.4. Alcohol


17.5. Illegal drugs

18. 8 Principles

18.1. The BREATH of Life

18.1.1. Ozone Resources

18.1.2. The Healing Breath

18.2. Holy WATER

18.2.1. Your Bodies Many Cries for Water

18.2.2. The Hidden Messages in Water

18.3. Six parts work - 1 part REST

18.3.1. Cellular Recovery

18.3.2. 10 Ways to fall asleep faster

18.4. The LIGHT of the world

18.4.1. Sunshine

18.5. By the SWEAT of your brow

18.5.1. Movement and Exercise

18.6. EATING to glorify God

18.6.1. EatLOL

18.7. Temperance

18.8. Trust

19. Legalism

19.1. The false belief that the law must be upheld in some manner in order for us to "attain" salvation.

19.2. I propose that we follow the law; not for Salvation, but for God's glory

20. Sin is a standard set by God

20.1. Our intention does not determine what is and isn't sin.

20.1.1. except in the case of sins where we know to do good and don't.

20.2. Our knowledge of what is and isn't sin; doesn't change the punishment for our sin.

21. Glorifying God and spreading the good news is the goal

21.1. Balance is key

21.2. Non-offensive

22. Resources

22.1. Read God's way to ultimate health by George Malcomus

22.2. Read What would Jesus eat by Dan Colbert


22.4. Get cancer treatment chart from Alive and Well






22.10. Additional Links & Testimonials

22.10.1. American Bio-Holistic Dentistry (In Tijuana) Bio Dentistry:

22.10.2. Dr. Bernardo on Alkaline importance:

22.10.3. Cancer Tutor's Dirt Cheap Protocol

22.10.4. Jessica - Patient:

22.10.5. John - Patient:

22.10.6. Josies brain cancer - patient:

22.10.7. Jahn Beckler - Dr. B patient

22.10.8. Enzyme Booster drink:

22.10.9. American Holistic Care Tijuana

22.10.10. Holistic Cancer Healing

22.10.11. Dr. Andrade who is famous for curing Max Factors kid in the 70’s.

23. Golden Circle

23.1. Why

23.1.1. We believe that the Bible is the infallible, inerrant, inspired word of The Living God. We believe that it is literally true and historically and scientifically accurate. We believe that salvation is through the grace of Christ alone and that the Bible is not a rulebook for how to get into heaven, but rather a guidebook for how to live a fulfilling and meaningful life on earth... a life dedicated to serving others.

23.1.2. We believe that God created this incredible universe and us and our incredible makeup for His glory. We believe he gave each of us unique gifts and talents that we can use today to serve others. The problem is: "It's hard to do good, if you don't feel good."

23.2. How;

23.2.1. If you follow the fundamental health principles described in the Bible; your incredible body can repair itself! Breath... etc...

23.3. What:

23.3.1. Here's another one of God's healthy verses.