10 minutes: UL eResearch Platform

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10 minutes: UL eResearch Platform by Mind Map: 10 minutes: UL eResearch Platform

1. We have the people, technology, and mission to make a big impact!

2. Keys

2.1. File system designed ahead of time to suit needs

2.1.1. uuid's for every instance of data, metadata

2.2. Lab machines and other data sources either stream data directly to UL storage, OR are copied there quickly

2.3. (Probably Drupal-based), simple eNotebook that "knows" about all the data

2.4. Researchers have a MUCH BETTER system that makes it almost automatic to have secure, annotated data, and good research notes (metadata)

2.4.1. They will WANT to use it!

2.4.2. Publishing will be easier

2.4.3. Archiving will be easier

3. Karl's vision for eResearch Platform

4. Data Management Plan

4.1. Consultation: Meet with researcher, set them up with eResearch platform, assess other needs

4.2. DMP says (in two pages): "Our project will use state of the art eResearch Platform provided by the UNM Library. This includes hosted, secure storage and integrated eResearch notebook that promotes real-time description and preservation of all research data, followed by facile publication, curation, and archiving of important research data sets. Blah blah blah two pages.

4.3. UL Letter of Support <Fancy Letter Head> Dear Funding Agency, The UNM UL, in collaboration with OVPR, has an established commitment to the preservation and dissemination of research data. We are a leader in research data management. We will collaborate with the researchers on this grant to ensure maximal impact and preservation of their research data, using our eResearch Platform, expert data librarians, institutional repository, and research data and curation services. As you know, we kick ass