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Manifestation Club by Mind Map: Manifestation Club

1. Lead Generation

1.1. Social Media

1.2. Word of Mouth

2. Lead Conversion

3. Project Management Now on Trello


3.2. Working On

3.2.1. Logo Design Sent to Aryo for design ideas Maybe a Logo Tournament

4. Org Chart

4.1. Social Media Manager

4.2. Copywriter

4.3. Newsletter Writer

4.4. Events Organizer

4.5. Home Meetings Coach

4.6. Email Marketing Manager

4.7. Manifestation Coaches

4.8. Squeeze Page Creator

4.8.1. Ryan Hartman

5. Initial Videos

5.1. Who am speaking to?

5.1.1. My daughter Katie

5.2. My Story

5.2.1. Recognition of Perfect Perfection

5.3. What is Manifestation?

5.4. Imprinting

5.4.1. Blueprint for your Universe

5.4.2. Early upbringing

5.5. How did your Universe get locked in?

5.6. Changing Your Universe

5.7. Locking down your Universe

5.8. Why most people don't have business plans?

5.9. Intro to

5.10. Laws of Programming your Universe

5.10.1. Remember this is your Universe For the Good of All

5.11. What are the tools of a Manifestor?

5.12. Personal Discovery and Ahas from the Universe

5.13. Trusting vs Controlling the Universe

5.14. Purpose

5.14.1. Purpose of Manifestation Club is to discover that we create our perfect Universe and that we are responsible for the outcomes of our personal Universes

5.15. What if changing how you thought changed the world?

5.16. How you do anything is how you do everything

5.17. Quantum Mechanics

5.17.1. Weird Sciece

5.18. Visualizations

5.19. Vision

5.20. Events

5.21. Ahas

6. Inspiration

7. Names

7.1. Manifestation Club

7.2. Quantum Manifesting

7.3. Personal Universe Building

8. Support Materials

8.1. Audio Technology

8.1.1. Purpose Make the Critical Factor More Liable Provide Constructive Audios to Reinforce Models Guided Relaxations for Quantum Universe Shifts

8.1.2. HemiSync

8.2. Experiencial Technology

8.2.1. Kinesiology

8.2.2. Visualization

8.2.3. Remote Viewer Technology

8.3. T-Shirts

8.4. Hats

8.5. Pins

9. Online

9.1. Website


9.2. Squeeze Pages

9.3. email

9.3.1. [email protected]

9.4. Social Media

9.4.1. Twitter

9.4.2. Google+

9.4.3. Facebook

9.5. Newsletters

9.5.1. AWeber

9.6. BlogTalkRadio

9.7. Google Hangouts

9.8. Manifestation Club Store

9.8.1. CD's

9.8.2. Clothing

9.8.3. Courses

10. Systems

10.1. Project Management

10.1.1. Trello

10.2. Phone System

10.2.1. Ring Central

10.3. E-mail marketing

10.3.1. Aweber

10.4. HR

10.4.1. Hiring

10.5. Cloud-office

11. Courses

11.1. Dream Building 101

11.1.1. If you already had all the money that you ever needed how would you live your life. What would you do and how would you make a difference in the lives of others? Get clear on what you would like to be remembered for.

11.2. Dream Management

11.2.1. Start tending the garden. Get rid of the weeds and plan the big rocks in place and the plants and flowers that you ultimately want to come forth from your business

11.3. Facilitating the Dream for Others

11.3.1. Virtually every dream needs the willing and enthusiast participation of others.

11.4. Masterminding

11.4.1. Doing all the work in your own mind is limiting. In addition to limiting the solution you are also limiting participation from others, those same individuals who will be helping to grow what you started to grow in the beginning. Universe creation is a collaboration not a one person activity.

11.5. Solidifying Manifestations

11.5.1. Polish the Rocks in your garden. Take care of the plants and continually weed the negatives out until your dream is a reality.

11.6. Locking it All In

11.6.1. In order for your Universe to be the Universe you want to live in you need to lock it down. Locking it down includes documenting it in such a way that others who share your dream continue to Manifest it so that you can enjoy it.

12. Books to Write

12.1. Standing on The Brink of Aha

13. Websites to Model


14. Events

14.1. STBA

14.2. Masterminds

15. Financial Model

15.1. Seed Capital

15.1.1. Glenn Sanford Leverage Equity in eXp Realty for Lines of Credit if needed

16. IRL