Blog Style Website

Outline of key points to be aware of if launching a blog style website to promote yourself or business.

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Blog Style Website by Mind Map: Blog Style Website

1. Tech

1.1. Basic HTML: links, paragraph, bold, italic

1.2. Easy on eye design: heat map

1.3. Stats package: track to know

1.4. Headlines, Permalinks, Trackbacks, Categories

1.5. Blog software: Blogger, Wordpress, TypePad

2. Writing

2.1. Style guide: ease of read, faster writing

2.2. News sources: email alerts, RSS reader

2.3. Reviews: books etc, affiliate links

2.4. Images: similar format, copyright aware

2.5. Focus on subject: no sick pet posts

3. Promotion

3.1. Newsletter: free ebook

3.2. RSS feeds

3.3. Networking: people back on blog

3.4. Search friendly headlines

4. Network


4.2. YouTube

4.3. Flickr


4.5. Podcasts

4.6. Power of the Link