Hypodermic needle theory

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Hypodermic needle theory by Mind Map: Hypodermic needle theory

1. It suggests that the audience just accepts the meaning from the media texts without questioning them or giving them more thought. It suggests that media texts only actually have one meaning and because the audience is passive they are instantly accepting of these messages.

2. The Hypodermic Needle Theory suggests that the mass media affects it's audience directly, immediately and powerfully. It is a linear communication theory with a passive audience, it suggests that the media texts directly injects the desired meaning into the audience.

3. It is one of the earliest theories in thinking about how mass media affects its audiences. It developed in the 1930's and 1930's after researchers investigated the effect of propaganda during wold war 1.

4. It doesn't take into account individual differences, it suggests we are all the sme and take messges the same way

5. There are so many limitations of this idea that it is no longer really credited and is now thought of as inadequate.

6. If audiences did respond to music videos according to the hypodermic needle theory then when watching our music video they would be against stereotypes by the end of it. The intended message throughout our music video is to get accross how wrong stereotyping is and also how common and easy it is, whilst watching our video they will unconsciously be expecting both stereotypes to end up together and as a result be suprised by the contradicting outcome. Making them realise they are also guilty of stereotyping and how easy doing so is.