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Exam Preparation by Mind Map: Exam Preparation
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Exam Preparation

Use this template to create a mind map for every exam you are planning to take. Make sure to create it at the beginning of the semester. This will provide a great overview of the assessment load and help you keep track of your study progress during the semester. This mind map can also be seen as an index map for the entire lecture/course. From here, you can link to all your other maps (including notes from lectures, books and homework assigments), add links to sources and note down any information that might help you pass the exam.

General Information

When & Where



Number of questions

Special instructions from lecturer

  Are you allowed to use a dictionary, a calculator or any kind of material? Should you bring your own sheets of paper or will he provide them for you? Do you need to bring your student ID? Do you need any special pens or a ruler?  

Grading and emphasis

  What do you know about the way the lecturer grades? What does he put the most emphasis on? Are some questions more important than others? Does it matter whether you write in full sentences or just put keywords? How detailed do your answers have to be? Is more always better or does the lecturer only want to hear one specific answer? Don't forget to check in forums and ask other students who already have experience with the lecturer for their advice!  

Study sources

  Note down all the sources that will be covered in the exam. Upload or link to any audio or video files from the lecture and include the slides from the lecturer's presentation. Note down authors and titles of the entire primary and secondary literature you will be expected to have read; link to online articles. Include short descriptions i.e. tables of contents for each source so you can quickly check where to find a certain topic. Create a new mind map for every source (right click on the source, then choose "create as new map" to link back and forth between the maps) and capture your notes in it. You should make the notes while reading the text or as soon as you've finished a chapter. Add links to other mind maps you might have created (e.g. for your lecture notes). Create a studying schedule and add deadlines to the sources using the task management tool.  

Primary literature

Secondary literature

Presentations / Slides

Audio / Video

Lecture notes

Add links to your existing mind maps or upload your text documents here.

Examination material

Note down all the topics that will be covered in the exam and everything you need to know in order to pass. Start with the main topics, then add subtopics and other details.Use icons or color codes to mark topics of special importance.

Topic #1

Topic #2

Topic #3