The Northern Renaissance

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The Northern Renaissance by Mind Map: The Northern Renaissance

1. Artistic Ideas Spread

1.1. 1494 French king lauches war through northern Italy

1.1.1. Artists and scientist seek refuge in the north

2. Northern writers try to reform society

2.1. they focused on the failure of the Christian church

2.2. Latin was the language of choice

2.3. Women's Reforms

2.3.1. family's could afford to send all children to school

3. Printing spreads Renaissance Ideas

3.1. Gutenberg creates printing press

3.2. books that took years to write were made in only days

4. Begins

4.1. Hundred Years war ends in 1453

4.2. England and France had strong monarchs

4.3. Castles became showcases for renaissance art

5. Elizabethan Age

5.1. 1558-1603 she was well educated

5.2. Shakespeare came from this period

6. Legacy of the Renaissance

6.1. period of great artistic and social change

6.2. provided the break focused at the church

6.3. more democratic ideas

6.4. Changes in the arts

6.4.1. art drew on techniques and styles of classical Greece and Rome

6.4.2. paintings and sculptures portrayed individuals and nature in more realistic and lifelike ways

6.4.3. Artists created works that were secular as well as those thatwere religious

6.4.4. the arts praised individual achievement

6.5. Changes in Society

6.5.1. printing changed it by making more information availiable and inexpensive enough for society at large

6.5.2. a greater availability of books prompted an increased desire for learning and a rise in literacy throughout Europe

6.5.3. published accounts of new discoveries, maps, and charts led to further discoveries in a variety of fields

6.5.4. published legal proceedings made the laws clear so that people were more likely to understand their rights

6.5.5. Christian humanists' attempts to reform society changed views about how life should be lived

6.5.6. people began to question political structures and religious practices