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leonardo davinci, michelangelo and raphael showed renaissance spirit with their art

due to bubonic plague, the population of nothern europe declinded by 1450., between france england was the 100 years war, which ended in 1453., As the wealth increased, in other parts of northern eurpore patronuge of artists increased.

Artist Ideals Spread..

as the war dragged on, many italian artist and writters left for a safer life in northern europe: they brought the styles of the italian renaissance with them.

flanders was the artist center of northern europe.

jan van eyck was able to create a variety of colors of clothing and jewels.

Reform Society

Italian humanist were popular and the NORTHERN movment of italian humanisum influenced the invention of christan humanisum.

thomas moore wrote the book utopia in 1516.

christene de pizan spoke out against the practice of only sending the family son to school.

Elizabethan Age

mid 1500's

willam shakespeare was the most famous writer at this time., New node

Printing Spreads Renaissance Ideas...

johann gutenberg - > developed a printing press, that incorporated a number of technologies in a new way.

Legacy of Renassiance

Changes in the arts ->

* art drew techniques and styles of classical greeze and rome., * writers bean to use vernacular languages to express their ideas.

Changes in society - >

*printing changed by making more information available and inexpensive enough for society at large., *Christian humanists attempts to reform society changed views about life should be lived.