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The Northern Renissance by Mind Map: The Northern Renissance
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The Northern Renissance

The Northern Renissance Begins

1450- Population of Northern Europe which had declined due to bubonic plague was begining to grow again.

Hundred years war between France and England ended in 1453., Italy was divided into city-states., Artists were interested in realism.

Artistic Ideas Spread

1494 French King claimed the throne on Naples in SOuthern Italy.

Many artists and writers left Italy for a safer life in Northern Europe., Albrecht Durer traveled to Italy to study in 1494, New node

Northern Writers try to Reform Society

Italian humanists were very interested in reviving classical languages and texts.

Cristicism produced a new movements known as Christian Humanism, Utopia- no place.

The Elizabethan Age

Renissance spread to England in the mid 1500's

Queen Elizabeth reigned from 1558 to 1603, Shakespeares most famous time., Shakespeare was born in 1564.

Printing Spreads Renaissance Ideas

1455 Gutenberg printed the first bible.

1440 Johann Gutenberg developed a printing press.

The Legacy of The Renaissance

Arts praised individual achievements

The European Renissance was a period of Great artistic and social change, Ideals focused around churches.