Mike Executive

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Mike Executive by Mind Map: Mike  Executive

1. 1. Story Opener

1.1. 1. Build Rapport

1.2. 2. Background

1.3. 3. Why

1.4. 4. First Exposure

1.4.1. "It was a different concept so I was skeptical, but I definitely wasn't closed minded. The most important thing I did was I formed my own opinion."

2. 2. The Product

2.1. 1. While talking to this person making money, he told me about product.

2.1.1. Vitamins Essential Minerals Mangosteen Aloe

2.1.2. • Humans are 90% water. • pill= 20% • Liquid antioxidant= 98%.

2.2. 2. Vemma is a liquid antioxidant. $75 worth of vitamins per can. Vitamin Equivalency.

2.2.1. Took that vitamin formula fused in with other products. = VERVE.

2.3. Coffee bean- spike in energy, then CRASH.

2.3.1. Verve = Purified water, Natural guarana seed extract, and vitamin formula. Verve forumla, matches metabolic rate to give you sustainable energy with no crash.

2.4. Recommendations

2.4.1. Dr. Oz eliminates free radical cells.

2.4.2. Men's Journal Best overall Liquid Antioxidant

3. 3. Not in stores

3.1. Josh Noble told you about this phenomenal product. Which made you skeptical because you've never heard about it before. (why not in stores- will entice audience because thats what they're thinking too)

3.1.1. 1. We advertise for products we consume everyday. We never get paid for recommending these products. (use products you use. Simply draw picture of batman) You tell friend about batman, he sees it. you never get paid We built fb. You may be responsible for 1,000 fb accounts. Zuckerberg will never pay us.

3.1.2. 2. Seven-Eleven concept (7-11 logo) If you walk into gas station, saw Verve next to redbull, you would never buyit, even though Verve is far superior in every way. (obviously, what the hell is Verve´?) DOG REDBULL

4. 4. Vemma Concept

4.1. Ok i get why it's not in stores. So what does Vemma do?

4.1.1. 1. You buy product as a consumer, NOT a sales rep. Just drinking product cuz you like it. by being a consumer of vemma, you get two things. The app and website that you download on your phone. Which is a mixture between Facebook and Amazon, which is your own Vemma profile.

4.1.2. 2. If anyone you know wants to buy the drink, they would go through your website like a referral system. as they go through your website, they are enrolled on either a left or right leg. then they get their own profile

4.1.3. EXAMPLES- If I enroll Dean on my left and Mitch on my right, everyone Dean gets on his left will ways be on left. As the fraction grows, every person enrolls is as important to me as the first person. grow exponentially Not only is every person just as important to me as the first two people on my left and right. vemma is growing a base of consumers because were buying this product every month. but since they dont spend money on retail or advertising, guess who gets paid?

5. 5. Economy

5.1. 1. The FACTS

5.1.1. 56% of graduation class in unemplited or underemployed

5.1.2. 82% back with parents 1.3 Trillion in student loan debt. Which is more than credit card debt.

5.2. 2. Two sentences

5.2.1. 1- So are parents are lending money they don't have for degrees that we can't pay back to prepare us for jobs that no longer exist in our economy.

5.2.2. 2- Meanwhile Vemma is network marketing a product we all spend money on anyway in the most socially connected generation of all time that pays us to consume it in the worst economy since the great depression.

6. 6. Then till now

6.1. so after realzing the product why its so good, the reaosn why ti's not in stores or commercieals, what vemma doesand the economy, I BOUGHT A BUILDER PACK.

6.1.1. From that builder pack, you explain your progress. in blank months,I enrolled this amount of people. explain success. DEPTH OF VISION