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Operating Systems by Mind Map: Operating Systems
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Operating Systems


A common space between user and hardware that is responsible for the management and coordination of activties that at shared.

What % of people use Windows as their PC operating system?


Pros:1)majority of people use windows based system 2)Large shareware and freeware application library 3)won't have trouble finding support, Cons:1) Limited access to the library of free open source software 2)The most prone operating system for spyware and virus applications 3) Poor security

My cell phone Operating Systems

T-mobile Sidekick Slide


Next new phone I hope to purchase

T-Mobile Sidekick LX

Device Specific?

Applications are generally made for a specific os.

Functions of the OS

Start menu

applications-ie, printers, video adaptors, icons on screen

Major Cell Phone OS

Maemo=Nokia, Android=Google, bada=Samsung,


Pros: 1)can run on about every hardware system 2) Everything is free 3)management is easy

Cons: 1)new software is generally slower to reach linux 2) Limited support when assistance needed 3) vast amount of options for the user might be daunting

Apple, OSX, Leopard

Pros:1)Easier to use for those people are non-technical 2)has a lot of content that allows user to create more 3)access to numerous free applications

Cons: 1)not too much support 2)more expensive upfront to purchase 3)more complex to use than Windows