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SSA Practices by Mind Map: SSA
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SSA Practices


identify critical design decisions

derive critical design elements

using requirements descriptions

understand quality requirments

creating additional design views

how to make good desigin decisions

consider design trade-ffs

compare alternative implementattions

create a domain model

based on problem requirements

how to explain

how to present to diverse stakeholders

identify enterprise architecture design patterns

essential features, key benefits, underlying design philosophy

Prepare presentations

review the designs

how to document

specify a high-level view of designs

develop a prifile of relevant design artifacts

in a limited time and energy

discussing the designs

create good design solutions

review j2ee frameworks and their impact on designs


software developer

software designer


Characteristics and challenges of Java Enterprise applications

why designs are so difficult?

Major Design Issues

presentation layer

business logic

domain layer, rich domain, service layer


validation & constraint checking

consistency & simplicity

J2EE Frameworks Review

MVC frameworks

Persistence frameworks

Distributes Services

Testing styles

Views of a Design

design views, class diagrams, sequence diagrams

quality perspectives, security, performance, availability, usability, accessbility

Design Principles & BP

RDD for J2EE

SOLID Principles

Design for test, extension and change


many to consider


extension recipes

many to consider