CFA Level II

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CFA Level II by Mind Map: CFA Level II

1. FSA

1.1. inventory

1.1.1. inventory cost in cost(for production) physical goods cost freight in storage cost? conversion cost(转换成本) fixed production overhead out of cost allocated overheads abnormal waste

1.1.2. inventory value physical flow of inventory cost flow(cost fomula IFRS) FIFO LIFO WAC formula EI=BI+purchase-COGS pricelevel inflationary deflationary

1.1.3. record change perpetual 随时updated periodic 最后时间点评估

1.1.4. LIFO reserve inflationary & qunatity stable or increase >0 increase B/S 存量=InvF-InvL DTL (fifo)=accumulated LIFO reserve*t CashF-CashL=LIFO reserve*t R/Ef-R/El=LIFO reserve * (1-t) IS COGSf-COGSl=dLIFO reserve GPf-GPl=dLIFO reserve Taxf-Taxl=dLIFO reserve*t NIf-NIl=dLIFO reserve*(1-t) decline price failling inventory quantity declining

1.1.5. adjustment US GAAP(lower cost or market) ceiling=NRV flooring = NRV-normal profit margin replacement cost IFRS(cost NRV) NRV=sales price - selling cost inventory allowence (negative effect保守) B/S IS permanent

1.1.6. analysis raw/in progress +,inventory + demand+ sales+ finish goods + in progress - inventory - read strategy growth rate at finish goods vs sales MD&A with inventory allowence and not

1.2. Long live asset

1.2.1. cap an expense NI *,equity +,CFO + asset + IS profitablity in early year profitablity in later year income variablity B/S capitalized Cash Flow capitalized on-going purchase profit enhancing effect

1.2.2. Capitalized Interest constructed asset(fixed asset) planet or building inventory(current asset) build for sales coverage ratio EBIT/I +, t=0 High aset to lower NI t=T

1.2.3. Capitalized tangible asset

1.2.4. Capitalized intangible asset

1.2.5. impairment cost model expected future cash flow < carry value No: no impairment yes: impairment loss impact this year subsquent year

1.2.6. revaluation(IFRS) fair value downward upward

1.2.7. disclosure useful life SV depreciation method calculator average age ave dep life remain useful life

1.3. Lease

1.3.1. Capital leasee criteria transfer title bargin purchase option 75% economic life 90% FV indicator A+ Liable+ NI - this year,NI + later year EBIT+ CF coverage ratio current ratio

1.3.2. leaser sales type PV<CV of COGS direct financing lease

1.4. inter-corporate investment

1.4.1. basic categories influence not significate(0-20%) financial asset (passive investment) significate influence(20%-50%) associate share join venture Control subsidiary minority interest(non-controlling interest)