IALA Drupal

International Association for Library Advocacy is building it's web presence with Drupal. This Mindmap serves as a requirements document and as an initial development document.

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IALA Drupal by Mind Map: IALA Drupal

1. Roadmap

1.1. Alpha

1.1.1. Simple installation for creating initial awareness that IALA even exists. Visually appealing - lots of general photos of people, good photos of libraries and photos of projects that will fall under IALA's umbrella (cyc4lib, sing4balt..). Informative - as much information as possible on IALA, it's projects and the ideologies IALA supports. Possibility to join the association Very simple webform in Alpha

1.1.2. Drupal modules

1.1.3. Due: 31st January 2014

1.1.4. Requirements for this to happen: Graphical design to be done by... I am fairly good at user interface design, but lack an artistic overview. Meaning I can not produce original visual work, but I can comment constructively on existing work. The alpha can be done with an existing template, model or theme, what ever naming convention you wish to use. this frees us from the need of graphical design work, but risks the site looking very generic. Written content What is IALA (nutshell) What do we stand for What's first / what's next Rules of the association How to join How can you help Project descriptions and photos Photobank that has photos donated specifically for IALA allpurpose use. Either the photographer gives copyrights to IALA or licenses under Creative Commons. Flickr Hosting service for the installation www.arvixe.com https://drupal.org/hosting http://www.hosting-review.com/ http://ratethathost.com/

1.2. Beta

1.2.1. Basic community engagement functionality and basic integration with tools used for IALA work. Possibility to join the association Functions such as upload a receipt of your payment to the associations bank account for faster admittance into the members section

1.2.2. Drupal modules

1.2.3. Due: end of March ?

1.2.4. Requirements for this to happen:

1.3. Version 1

1.3.1. Web platform that has been integrated with various tools IALA uses such as CiviCRM, Open Atrium etc. Community engagement works now both ways between Facebook, Twitter and Drupal. Mailinglists, newsletters, forums and other forms of community communication have been tested and those deemed suitable are in daily use.

1.3.2. Drupal modules

1.3.3. Due: end of summer 2014, beginning of autumn 2014?

1.3.4. Requirements for this to happen:

1.4. Version 2

1.4.1. Not yet planned.

2. Community Engagement

2.1. Engage the IALA community and those interested in our cause

2.2. Purpose is to:

2.2.1. Get new members Organizations Individuals

2.2.2. Communicate to members

2.2.3. Receive contributions to activities from members

3. Marketing

3.1. by "marketing" we refer to communication done towards people not involved in IALA activities and are not interested in being involved in the activities

3.1.1. Purpose is to: Get sponsorships To sponsor specific projects Get donations To fund IALA overall To fund specific projects Spread the word More awareness of association in general Lobby ideas Change opinions Form opinions in related topics Raise awareness of advocated topics

4. What is this mindmap?

4.1. This mindmap is a support document for the development of the IALA web presence. The Drupal installation will not only be a webpage for IALA information, but a gateway to IALA activity and a tool for IALA members. There are so many different approaches to this and so many facets of the upcoming Drupal-page that we need a quick document to gather everything up front. This means this mindmap will portray some things that one might not conventionally associate with a simple webpage. Sincerely, Roberto 'Robi' Corsini