Systems of Equations and Inequalities

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Systems of Equations and Inequalities by Mind Map: Systems of  Equations and Inequalities

1. System of Inequalities.

1.1. Two inequalities using two Variables and you use shading to locate the solution.

1.1.1. Solving

1.1.2. Rearrange inequality into slope-intercept form

1.1.3. Graph both lines

1.1.4. Then use a dotted line for greater then or less then or a solid line for greater then or equil to or less then or equil to

1.1.5. Shade as needed Solution: The solution is where the shading overlaps

2. Steps to graph a line in y=mx+b form

2.1. Steps:

2.2. 1.graph the y-intercept(b) onto the y axis

2.3. 2.use the slope(m) to go up a certain amount of spaces from the y-intercept and over a certain amount of spaces.

2.4. Draw your line and your done :)

3. If The Graph of each equation in a system of two variables in a line then the system is a linear system.

3.1. Steps to solving:

3.2. Absolute Value

3.3. 1.Find the vertex using -b over m,c

3.4. 2.Then make two problems, one negative, one postive

3.5. Solve them and graph

4. Linear systems

4.1. Solution of linear systems

4.2. 1. Graph lines

4.3. 2.Find where they meet.

4.4. 3.write the point where it intersects