Child Justice: A Global Community Service Project

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Child Justice: A Global Community Service Project by Mind Map: Child Justice: A Global Community Service Project

1. Technology

1.1. Blog (blogmeister) for reflection & global collaboration

1.2. Photostory - What Makes a School?: Children's Rights - Needs vs. Wants/Students will use digital photography; take pictures of ss/compare w/pics of school in kenya

1.3. Wiki

1.3.1. Includes photostory & podcasts

2. Bradley Broder

2.1. Video Interview - to be shown on family night

2.2. Writes foreword for book

2.3. Set up letter exchange with Kenya student/s

3. Website Resources: (Karen)

3.1. Waiting for the World to Change - John Meyer- on project homepage--

3.2. Kenya Education Fund

3.3. Explore the difference between wants, needs, and rights with this series of lessons for ages 8–10.

3.4. Apple Learning Exchange

3.5. Unicef:

3.6. Voice of Youth: (Unicef)

3.7. Voices of Youth: What makes a school?

3.8. Photovoice:

4. Products

4.1. Fundraising

4.1.1. Poetry Book Poetry Activities: Podcasts of poetry Beth? For Artwork?

4.1.2. Bake sale

4.1.3. Parent Night: Students Make Brochures Students Show Photostory Artwork & Poetry on Display

4.1.4. Money raised goes to Kenya Fund - Jodie to work out.

5. Special Guests