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Keener MindMap by Mind Map: Keener MindMap

1. Blog topics

1.1. Was 2009 ALL that bad? Everyone on FB/Twitter seem to think so.

1.2. Inspirational/Leadership topics

1.3. Read some Blogging blogs

1.4. Growing by Learning

1.4.1. Ways to grow Internet; blogs; formal courses Leadership groups; Meet-ups Books Audio CD's/Training

1.5. What keeps us from succeeding?

1.5.1. Paradigms

1.5.2. Friends

1.5.3. Holding on to old ways of thinking

1.5.4. Rejecting change vs. not seeking/embracing change

1.5.5. Waiting for success, hoping to get lucky

1.5.6. Self-confidence, I'm not meant for success

1.5.7. Excuses Don't have time Don't have money Don't know very many people Not a people person I'm not the salesman type Not a good speaker I don't command the level of respect or admiration that matches the level of success I seek

1.6. Traditional Education path lies. Educational structure designed to prepare us for an occupational path that no longer exists.

2. MonaVie

2.1. Set some definitive goals

2.2. Stop watching so much TV!

2.3. Work the names list, make the phone calls, set some appointments

2.4. Make a PLAN for success, don't wait for it to happen. Get used to scheduling my time

3. Things to Do

3.1. Brandon

3.1.1. Vehicles Kia Jeep Dirt Bike

3.1.2. Garage

3.2. Eva

4. Things to Improve Upon in 2010

4.1. Finances

4.2. Marital

4.3. Spiritual

4.4. Personal Development

4.4.1. Read more Books How to Win Friends and Influence People

5. Real Estate Investing Plan

5.1. Develop LLC entity Structure

5.1.1. Anchors Holding Multi-Family LLC Multi-Family LLC Multi-Family LLC

5.1.2. Long-Term: Start Property Management LLC to manage all my properties

5.2. Focus on Multi-Family investments

5.3. Form Investment Team

5.3.1. Real Estate Broker

5.3.2. CPA

5.3.3. Mortgage Broker

5.3.4. Real Estate Lawyer

5.3.5. Real Estate Tax Advisor

5.3.6. Property Manager

5.3.7. Pool of potential investors

5.4. Find a MENTOR!

5.5. Establish Financial Criteria as a benchmark to determine if deal meets my goals

5.5.1. Define minimum CAP Rate

5.5.2. Define acceptable Cash on Cash return limits