Cladogram of the Chordate phylum. Lines show probable evolutionary relationships, including extinct taxa, which are denoted with a dagger, †. Some are invertebrates. The positions (relationships) of the Lancelet, Tunicate, and Craniata clades are as reported in the scientific journal Nature.

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Chordata by Mind Map: Chordata

1. Cephalochordata

1.1. Amphioxus

2. (something)

2.1. Tunicata

2.1.1. Appendicularia

2.1.2. Thaliacea

2.1.3. Ascidiacea 

2.2. Craniata

2.2.1. Myxini

2.2.2. Vertebrata Conodonta Cephalaspidomorphi† Hyperoartia Pteraspidomorphi† Gnathostomata Placodermi† Chondrichthyes Teleostomi