Learning Theories & Education

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Learning Theories & Education by Mind Map: Learning Theories & Education

1. Behaviourism

1.1. B F Skinner

1.2. Classical Conditioning & operant conditioning

1.3. Direct instruction

1.4. Behaviour analysis

1.5. Individual learner is controlled by environment

2. Constructivism

2.1. Constructing own's knowledge from one's own experiences

2.2. Different emphasis : active learning, discovery learning, knowledge building etc.

2.3. To facilitate individual learner to construct their own knowledge by engaging actively with their experiences

3. Cognitivism

3.1. Bode, a gestalt Psychologist

3.2. Processing information

3.3. brain-based learning(short-term learning and long-term learning)

3.4. Individual learner controls over the learning activity

4. Reflection

4.1. Learning occur changes in behaviour and thinking

4.2. What is the impact of educational technology/IT on individual learning??