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Chapter 3: Marketing on the Web by Mind Map: Chapter 3: Marketing on the Web
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Chapter 3: Marketing on the Web

7 pages Every Website Should Have

Contact Us


Privacy policy


A "gimme" Page

Giving them information for something.  The business is trying to gather data.

About Us

Company, Personal


lets the purchaser know that there order has gone through

Web Marketing

Product based Strategies

Customer Based Strategies

Trust and Media Selection

the web is: 1. Huge ability to be a mass media asset 2. Personal contact, customization

Market Segmentation

leads to customer based strategies.  Customize what the business offers!

The long Tail

Most companies focus on rofit comes from popular items.  Profit on the long tail (less popular items) is larger than the head or popular products

Customer Behavior


Relationship Marketing

Consumer Strategies


Cost of acquisition is the cost of getting someone to you site.  (awarness and exploration costs)


How much is it going to take to convert a browser to a buyer.  (Familiarity costs)


How do I retain customers.  WISH LIST

Search Engine Strategies

Search Engines

Web Directores

People go out and find the information, not a crawler or spider

SEO for Keywords

Paid Inclusion

Blogs, Social Media Sites, Forums

Website domain names

branding Strategies

Leveraging & Consolidation

Bigger companies buying smaller ones with a following, and putting their trusted brand name on the site

Affiliate Marketing

Not selling anything on your site, but you are affiliated marketing, and if someone buys it you make a commision

Viral Marketing

online word of mouth

Email and CRM Strategies

Permission Marketing

Giving the company permission to send you and email.

Content And Advertising

Outsourcing Processing

eCRM Solutions

Figure 4 10

Advertising Strategies

CPM ads (cost per Thousand views or impressions) CPC ads (cost Per Click, actually have to click on your ad)  CPT ads (cost per Transaction, only pay if you sell something)

Banner Ads

Pop-up Ads

Activity Ads

Interstitial Ads

Site Sponsorships

provides more custom options

Problems- Measuring Effectiveness