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The Golden Age of Islam by Mind Map: The Golden Age of Islam
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The Golden Age of Islam


mid 8th to mid 13th C.E.

ruled under the Abbassid dynasty, Islamic culture became blending of Arabs, Persian, Egyptian and European traditions, Abbassids stressed the importance of knowledge, "the ink of scientists is equal to the blood of martyrs", Became an era of stunning intellectual and cultural achievements










reasons for the succes of Isalm

strength of Arab armies

quickly conquered territories using advanced tactics and the emplyment.

the use of common language

The use of common language helped to unite many different ethnic groups in Islamic empire., Abbassids championed the cause of knowledge and established a "House of Wisdom" in Baghdad; where both Muslim and non-Muslim scholars sought to translate the gather all the world's knowledge into Arabic.

Fair treatment of conquered people

Islamic rulers were very tolerant of conquered people and welcomed the conversion to the Islamic faith

Through trade and journey to Mecca.

The city of Mecca was served as a center trade in Arabia and the Islamic prophet Muhammad was a merchant. The tradition of the pilgrimage to Mecca became a center for exchanging ideas and goods., As a result, Islamic civilization grew and expanded on the basis of its merchant economy, Earliest for of GLOBALIZATION