Federalists vs. Anti federalists

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Federalists vs. Anti federalists by Mind Map: Federalists vs. Anti federalists

1. A.H, J.M, & J.J, wrote The Federalist Papers. Which communicates the ideas of federalism; benefits of Union between states, confederation problems, importance if fed govt, defense of the Const.

2. Did not see society as farmers, but as comprising many competing interests and groups.

3. Feared that the Constitution gave the president too much power.

4. Some were ready to accept the constitution if it were amended in a way that their rights would be protected.

5. Did not agree on what govt they should have. Articles of Conf. could be amended to make a workable confederation. The Union could break up&reform into 3 or 4 confederacies.

6. Although Jefferson supported the constitution; reluctantly.

7. Patrick Henry; George Mason; Thomas Jefferson.

8. Federalists.

9. Anti Federalists.

10. James Madison; Alexander Hamilton; George Washington; Benjamin Franklin; Edmund Randolph; John Jay.

11. Opposed the creation of a federal, or national government.

12. Mainly farmers, tradesmen, and were less likely to be a part of the wealthy elite.

13. Believed that each state should have a sovereign, independent government.

14. Feared losing power if the constitution was ratified.

15. Both.

16. Creation of a strong federal government that would unite the states as a large, continental nation.

17. Wealthier; merchants and plantation owners.

18. Necessary for an improvement on the Articles.

19. Engaged in a fierce national debate on the merits of the constitution.

20. Questions remain with us today... 1. What is the best form of govt? 2. What rights must the govt protect? 3. Which govt powers should be granted to states, and which to federal?

21. "Federalists had over-stated he current problems of the country."

22. Believed that the US (Being as big as it was) couldn't be controlled by one national govt.

23. Argued that a strong central govt would foster the commercial growth of the new country.

24. Madison divided the govt into two types. Democratic & Republic. (Preferred republic)

25. Democracy- all citizens participate in the govt decisions. Republic- reps elected by the people make govt decisions.