Federalists VS Anti-Federalists

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Federalists VS Anti-Federalists by Mind Map: Federalists VS Anti-Federalists

1. James Madison

2. Edmund Randolph

3. John Jay

4. Benjamin Franklin

5. George Washington

6. Alexander Hamilton

7. George Mason

8. Patrick Henry

9. Thomas Jefferson

10. Federalists

10.1. They were elegant, organized city men, and for the most part the greatest minds of all time.

10.2. They supported the Constitution. Hamilton, Jay, and Madison wrote a series of 85 essays that became known as The Federalist Papers defending the Constitution.

10.3. The Federalist group was made up of the more educated class.

10.4. Federalists thought that people who possessed the skills and knowledge would be elected into office.

10.5. Federalists knew that the Articles of Confederation were junk, and they needed to scrap them.

10.6. Most of the Federalists were the framers of the Constitution.

11. Anti-Federalists

11.1. They were made up of a lower class and less educated class of people. Mostly farmers and tradesmen.

11.2. They feared states would lose their power with a strong central government, and thought that each state should have a sovereign, independent government.

11.3. They saw no sense in throwing out the Articles of Confederation and starting with a totally new, untested form of government.

11.4. They believed that the Federalists had exaggerated the problems of the country and used an elite group of people to create a government to benefit only the elite people.

11.5. They felt that the elected officials should represent the people they stood for, and large Congressional districts would make that difficult.

11.6. They were EXTREME skeptics, and felt that the politicians wouldn't be able to be watched closely enough if the national government was as large as the Constitution proposed it be.