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KWHL by Mind Map: KWHL


2. HOW

2.1. Use tools and techniques taught in textbook, articles, and websites.

2.2. Conduct own research specific to wants and needs.

2.3. Talk with and learn from classmates and their experiences.

2.4. Experiment and test out new software, apps and websites.

3. WANT to know

3.1. How to incorporate more technology daily

3.2. How to keep up with always changing technology

3.3. Incorporating in younger grades (pre-k through 3)

3.4. How to use technology tools to their full extent. I tend to learn the basics and not as in depth as I should.

3.5. How to include or make sure higher order thinking questions are involved with technology.

4. What I KNOW

4.1. Technology is important to student learning

4.2. Always changing

4.3. Requires constant learning to stay current

4.4. Variety of programs is great for differentiated instruction

4.5. Can motivate and excite students

4.6. Great for communicating with busy parents

4.7. Great way to connect outside of classroom

4.8. Students pick up new technology quick. Faster than teachers at times!

4.9. Possibilities are endless.

4.10. Can be intimidating