AMK crafts and arts

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AMK crafts and arts by Mind Map: AMK crafts and arts

1. TM: Resilience, commitment, communicative, creative

1.1. Mr H - agree

2. JJ: I am quite caring towards others and enjoy helping others, I am also resilient which I think is useful because it's important to persevere and keep trying

2.1. Hr H - this is what we want you to learn in service! - good on you.

3. AS: Resilience, Commitment, Collaborative

3.1. Mr Hr - agree

4. AB: Resilience: we learn to try hard until we get what we have to. We also show our creativity in designing the sessions. We try to get along with people we are not used to, we show our open-mindness.

4.1. Mr H - agree

5. What previous knowledge or experiences (if any) do you have with this service activity?

5.1. AS: previous knowledge I have is that we are going to be working with people older than us who have disabilities which means that we have to be patient

5.1.1. Mr H - that is a good start

5.2. GT: I haven't had

5.2.1. Mr H - good on you for trying this out then

5.3. TL: I have no previous knowledge working with disabled people so I am looking for a new experience. However I have worked with kids to coach them and I have experience trying to teach people who you need to be patient with them.

5.3.1. Mr H - this will be an expansion of your teaching experience - I think you will find it rewarding

5.4. JJ: I haven't had any experience with this service or disabled people and am looking forward to learning something new

5.4.1. Mr H - me too actually

5.5. AB: I have a very close person of mine. The closest in the world. Now she can not comprehend things in the same way she used to, she can't do things that she used to. I have spent a lot of time with her, talking.

5.6. BY: I've done a service called handcraft work with kindergarten. It was more like helping the kids doing origami and making things like traffic signs.

6. What skills and qualities (take into consideration the UWCSEA profile) do you have that might be relevant to this community?

6.1. TL: I am a risk taker who enjoys to try new things I am a leader Public speaking - I am a good communicator I am good at coming up with interesting and different ideas

6.1.1. Mr H we could raise awareness in an assembly etc if you like?

7. What makes this service activity unique and important to be part of?

7.1. TL:I think its amazing how we are working with the disabled. I think it is completely unfair that they are not given equal opportunities and I think this service is a really good way for them to integrate themselves into a social atmosphere and learn how to interact with people.

7.2. I think that it's really important to include the disabled into society and giving them opportunities to express their creativity.

7.3. JJ: I think that all services are unique, and that this one in particular is important to be a part of because these groups of people are excluded from society and this could be a good way for them to interact with others

8. What challenges do you think you might face?


8.1.1. Mr H - never mind!

8.2. TL: I think I will face the problem of not being able to communicate effectively to the disabled people because I don't know how they think and my way is probably quite different.

8.3. TM: I know that this service requires a lot of patience and collaboration

8.3.1. Mr H - I think you are right

8.4. GT: Communicating with them, and patience is key. Being able to take control of a situation.

8.5. JJ: Being able to stay patient, and communicate with the group

9. How did you choose to be part if this service activity?

9.1. JJ: It seemed like an interesting activity, and different from what I've done previously, I've never done a service with disabled people so I thought it would be interesting to try something new

9.1.1. Mr H good on you for taking a risk and expanding your exeriences

9.2. TL: I have been really been passionate about integrating disabled people into society and I think arts and crafts is a wonderful skill to work upon.

9.2.1. Mr H - this is a great reason - well done!

9.3. GT: I was really interested to gain experience working with disabled people. I also love crafty and artsy projects. and I'm really excited to plan out activities and interact with them.

10. Who is the community you will be working with? What do you think you can you learn from them?

10.1. TL: We are working with the disabled and i think we can learn patience from them because they probably would have had to deal with people who got frustrated by them. We can also learn to be thankful the way we are because it wouldn’t have taken much to make us disabled.

10.1.1. Mr H some good points - thanks for making them

10.2. We are working with the people with disabilities. I think we can learn to be more open-minded and also learning to be more patient.

11. How will interacting with the UWCSEA community benefit this group?

11.1. TL: I think they get to meet and integrate with people who genuinely care and believe that they are not lesser than us. Also they get a global perspective from us.

11.1.1. Mr H good sentiment

11.2. JJ: I think that interacting with an international community could offer them a different perspective, also, being with different people than those they are usually surrounded by could be interesting for them

11.2.1. Mr H - yes, agree

11.3. GT: They get meet more people and being surrounded with an atmosphere of fun and learn maybe a few skills.

12. Do you know UWCSEA students who have worked with this community before? What do you know about this community from them? Or what could you find out?

12.1. TM: I don't really know anything about this service nor anyone who have done it in the past, but I could probably find out about what are the requirements for this service in terms of what kind of art and craft we should be aware of.

12.1.1. Mr H - good on you for trying it!

12.2. JJ: I don't know any students who have worked with this community and I haven't had any experience with disabled people but I think this is a good opportunity to learn more about this community

12.2.1. Mr H thanks for giving it ago and taking that risk

12.3. TL: I don’t know anybody but I think I can learn how they have coped with their disabilities and perhaps the discrimination against them.

12.4. GT:I don't know anyone who has done this before. But I had a friend who is disabled, so I do know that giving clear instructions and repetition really helps.

13. What questions do you have for this group?

13.1. TL: I want to know how people feel towards disabilities? Are they indifferent, passionate or simply don’t care?

13.1.1. Mr H - we might be able to raise some awareness here in some way

13.2. JJ: I don't have any specific questions I am just curious in general

13.2.1. Mr H - agree we will know more next week

13.3. GT: I agree with JJ

13.4. GT: What is their skill level? So we can plan activities around them.

14. What activities do you think we could run - be as specific as you can e.g. water colour painting prepared colouring in images. Will need paper, water colours , prepared sheets, water containers cleaning cloths, smocks

14.1. BY:Making something like their face with clay. Will need clay, mirror or picture of their face and sheets.

14.2. TM: oragami,

14.3. TL: Make homemade play dough1-2 packets Kool-Aid 1 cup flour 1/2 cup salt 2 tablespoons cream of tartar 1 tablespoon vegetable oil 1 cup boiling water

14.4. TL: Decorating something like a frame with shells, string, newspaper (collage), markers

14.5. GT: