Lord of the Flies: Religion and Spirituality

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Lord of the Flies: Religion and Spirituality by Mind Map: Lord of the Flies: Religion and Spirituality

1. Quote Evan: "He looked away, licking his dry lips. A gift for the beast. Might not the beast come for it? The head, he thought appeared to agree with him" (Golding 137).

1.1. Analysis Evan: Religion is shown in this quote because Simon had been fasting and meditating. He had drank nothing and was dehydrated. He was trying to connect to a higher power or just nature itself.

1.1.1. Eric Thompson: Im adding this picture because it shows a bible. When people look for a higher power they go to church and look at the bible. For Simon when he looks for a higher power he goes to his "church" the forest/nature.

2. • “Before the party had started a great log had been dragged into the center of the lawn and Jack, painted and garlanded, sat there like an idol. There were piles of meat on green leaves near him, and fruit, and coconut shells full of drink” (Golding 148-149). --Allison

2.1. • In this passage, Jack is portrayed almost as an idol. The boys do whatever he says and they get him whatever he wants. Out of respect of authority, out of fear, or out of worship, the boys are basically laid out at Jack’s feet. There is food all around Jack, and in the sentences to come, the boys do whatever Jack says. The question is, though, how far will this loyalty go? --Allison

2.1.1. ABBI: I agree with the statement made by Allison regarding the boys willingness to bend to Jacks will. I believe idol may credit Jack with the quality of being likable and he may reflect more of a dictator. I believe the loyalty shown to Jack should cease after the repetitive cruelty.

3. Quote Evan: "Simon paused. He looked over his shoulder as Jack had done at the close ways behind him and glanced swiftly round to confirm that he was utterly alone. For a moment his movements were almost furtive. Then, he bent down and wormed himself into the center of the mat" (Golding 56-57).

3.1. Analysis Evan: Simon thinks that he is ruled by a higher power and spirits. His hair and feet connect him to nature and show his peaceful side. The mat that Simon sits on is a spiritual symbol.

3.1.1. I thought that this would be a good picture of kind of like what Simon was like before he got stuck on the island. Simon is so in love with nature, maybe even worships it, that he can find joy and entertainment through a couple little acorns. --Allison

4. Eric Thompson: “Last night I had a dream, a horrid dream, fighting with things. I was outside the shelter by myself, fighting with things, those twisty things in the trees.” He paused, and other littluns laughed in horrified sympathy. “Then I was frightened and I woke up" (Golding 84).

4.1. •Response: My reaction to this quote is that being on island has made all the kids frightened and controlled by Satan. By the leaders being frightened is making everyone else become frightened and by doing this it is making chaos on the island. Soon enough with all this chaos, there will be many arguments on what to do and possibly many more people on the island will take the side of Satan and become savage or dangerous. By become dangerous and savage this may prevent the idea of escaping and more on surviving on the island.

4.1.1. In this picture of Jack arguing and fighting, Eric is definitely right that from this, it will produce a lot of chaos to come on the small island for all of the soon to be savage boys. --Allison

5. ABBI: Quote: "“I wanted-to go to a place-a place I know.” (Golding 85)

5.1. As Phil tells of a beast he saw, Simon takes responsibility for startling the boy and say he was about in the night. This excites the boys. It astonishes them that anyone would be out in the night. This shows Simon’s seemingly divine connection with the forest. He most likely went to the location he ventured to his previously shrine-like location and threw Simon into a sort of meditative state. This also shows how Simon is aware there is no trouble on the island or can navigate any wicked entities and can implore his seemingly spiritual feelings in a shrine like setting.

5.2. Response Evan: Simon is the only one of the boys that is brave enough to consider going into the woods alone at night. Simon believes that there is nothing to fear and that spirit will lead him where to go.

6. Eric Thompson:" He capered toward Bill, and the mask was a thing on its own, behind which Jack hid, liberated from shame and self-consciousness. The face of red and white and black swung through the air and jigged toward Bill " (Golding 64).

6.1. -Response= When I read this quote I think of how when you’re tempted or forced to do something you put on another mask and act differently. Similar to if Satan was to control you and make you act differently. I think that the mask represents and evil power because it says that the mask was on its own, kind of meaning that its controlling itself and making Jack act a certain way.

6.2. This picture shows all of the boys with their faces painted standing together with their weapons. Eric's quote talks about how they used these so called masks to disguise them. -Evan

7. Quote Evan: "What I mean is.... maybe it's only us. Nuts! That was from Piggy,shocked out of decorum. Simon went on. We could sort of" (Golding 89).

7.1. Analysis Evan: This is spirituality and religion because Simon lets out the truth. The beast could be inside of us. In the deep, deep, parts of our soul. We could be what instills fear, not an actual outcome.

7.1.1. ABBI: I agree with your statement about how Simon believes that the beast may be a part of the boys themselves. This may also be a logical opinion as any entity with a Satanic connection may not take a tangible form but may induce immoral ideologies into the boys who are slowly becoming more and more savage.

8. Eric Thompson: “He turned then and walked back toward the platform with the sun in his face. The time had come for the assembly and as he walked into the concealing splendors of the sunlight he went carefully over the points of his speech. There must be no mistake about this assembly, no chasing imaginary……” (Golding 76).

8.1. Response: To me this quote is an example of religion and spirituality because Ralph is acting as a priest of a church. Usually priests always make their speeches perfect and precise. Also later in the chapter Ralph says that this assembly is business only and when people go to church usually its only business and strengthening their relationship with their god. To add to that thought priests usually are the leader of the group and people look up to the leader or priest and in this case Ralph is both. With being looked up to Ralph has to set a good example and be a good role model.

8.1.1. ABBI: I think that the statement you made regarding Ralph's position in the group. I believe that spirituality plays a large part in the story and I find it interesting to believe that Ralph's leadership is reminiscent of a spiritual leaders.

9. • “Now the sunlight had lifted clear of the open space and withdrawn from the sky. Darkness poured out, submerging the ways between the trees till they were dim and strange as the bottom of the sea” (Golding 57). --Allison

9.1. • This passage talks about the darkness of night enveloping the island as the goodness of light flees. Evil is sometimes associated with darkness, and therefore evil would be capturing the island and going even between every tree and bush and plant. Where there is evil, Satan is also lurking, so the devil also encompasses the darkening island as well. This island was used to the good light all around it, but when the darkness comes, it is a stranger to this island. --Allison

9.1.1. ABBI: I like your connection between evil and darkness. I often relate darkness with evil. Most people relate their worst fears with darkness as it debilitates ones ability to observe possible danger and may allow thoughts of possible satanic beings approaching.

9.2. Eric Thompson:I added this picture to Allison's quote because it she started talking about how darkness has to do with Satan. Also I believe that the boys have darkness inside of them making themselves savage and dangerous.

10. Quote Evan: "Come now, said The Lord of The Flies. Get back to the others and we'll forget the whole thing. Simon's head wobbled. His eyes were half closed as though he were imitating the obscene thing on the stick" (Golding 143).

10.1. Analysis Evan: Simon realizes that the pig on the stick is actually part of the beast. The other part is inside of us. Jack's tribe seems to be making it more powerful by sacrificing meat for it.

10.1.1. I chose this picture because it is the pig head form the movie. It illustrates a vivid picture instead of just imagination. -Evan

11. Eric Thompson: “They didn’t come for the conch. They came for something else. Ralph what am I going to do " (Golding 168)?

11.1. I do agree with Eric that the fire is their hope, and quite frankly, for a while, their only hope of rescue. As the fire dies in their memory, so does the hope and want for rescue. The picture above, is of the burning bush from the Bible, I could see how Eric can relate the fire on the island to the burning bush. For they both gave hope and showed the light, God, while scaring away the evil darkness. --Allison

11.2. When I read this quote it made me think that Jack is finally figuring out that he needs to make a fire for not only food but rescue. When I think of fire I think of the burning bush of Jesus. When they build a fire I think that it gives them hope and faith that they may once get out of this island and be free. I think that the fire gives them hope because with the burning bush and Jesus, Jesus is often looked up to for help and protection and that is exactly what the boy’s need and are looking for. With hope and faith they may become less savage and become a group again.

12. ABBI:“Then gradually the almost infinite size of this water forced itself on his attention, this was the divider, the barrier.” (Golding 110)

12.1. The ocean again is seen as an obstacle on a sort of spiritual level. The beast, which is a demonic entity is believed to possibly come from the sea. The ideology is that a demonic entity would spawn from an evil place. Ralph and the others who wish to return home view the ocean as a place of great sorrow. As Ralph looks on into the ocean he begins to lose faith viewing this large body almost as the solemn factor keeping them from home. The ocean has seemingly become a thing of torture for some and the idea that the most horrid of things could spawn from the ocean makes it seem that much more wicked.

12.2. I put this picture in context to Abbi's quote and analysis about the ocean because I thought I was a good depiction of how the boys would see the ocean from the view of the island: grey, huge, and no way around it. When this fact came to the boys, they would definitely have started loosing hope of rescue or escape. --Allison

13. • “He paused and went on more slowly. "And about the beast. When we kill we’ll leave some of the kill for it"“(Golding 133). --Allison

13.1. • The boys now decided to leave part of their kill for the beast. This, in most circumstances, is considered sacrificing something. People sacrifice(d) animals like lambs, and also occasionally people to their God(s). If this is what the boys are doing, then their “God” has to be the beastie, and the beastie is also Satan. So in other words, the boys are worshiping and sacrificing pigs to Satan. --Allison

13.1.1. animal sacrifice ABBI: This picture shows an example of animal sacrifice. In an attempt to please some form of divinity as described by Allison.

13.2. Response Evan: When the boys sacrifice to "the beast" it is making it stronger, because they are really sacrificing to themselves. They are fueling the fire of savage behavior and other bad things.

14. ABBI: "Someone's got to go tell piggy we'll be back after dark." "I'll go I don't mind honestly." (Golding 117)

14.1. Only Simon understands that the beast is within. He doesn't fear the jungle because the beast isn't there. It is very apparent that Simon shares a unique connection with the island and this provides another example of his connection. Any other boy would have been terrified to venture through the island alone fearing that the beast may be lurking. Simon knows however that there is no superior predator on the island the only force which threatens the boys is their slow descent into savagery.

15. ABBI: “You’ll get back where you came from.” “It’s so big I mean-“ “All the same. You’ll get back there all right. I think anyway.” “Got a ship in your pocket?” Simon grinned and shook his head. “How do you know then? You’re batty.” “No, I’m not. I just think you’ll get back there all right.” (Golding 111)

15.1. A lot of evidence can be provided to prove that Simon is the symbol for Christ in the Lord of the Flies. Abbi is right in saying that Simon's frequent fainting can be a sign of visions that he is receiving. Simon is also one of the few boys who never turns savage, which would probably be a sin. So he would be like Christ in the way that he is perfect and doesn't sin. --Allison

15.2. • Note that Simon predicts only Ralph's safe return, not his own. Simon previously shows signs of inheriting divine knowledge as his occasional fainting may suggest he at times receives messages from divine powers. Simon has no seemingly tangible evidence for why he believes that Ralph will survive, however, he seems very assured by some source that Ralph will survive however shows no such confidence that he may survive. If Simon takes the place of a Christ like being or being significant divine importance than in an attempt to protect the most just characters-Ralph, Piggy, and the others who avoid falling into savagery-he may later die in the story in an effort to protect such as Christ did due to the peoples sins or a divine figure may in an effort to save others with the understanding that it is his duty.

16. • “Simon pushed his way to Ralph’s elbow. “I’ll go if you like. I don’t mind, honestly.” Before Ralph had time to reply, he smiled quickly, turned, and climbed into the forest” (117). --Allison

16.1. • This quote, again, shows Simon’s willingness and what to be with nature, to be “in touch” with nature. I feel like Simon almost worships nature. It is more than just a comfort place for him. He feels “at home” and comfortable in nature, however, with how much he likes it, there has to be something more that he finds in nature. He goes into the dark forest at night with a possible beast lurking around with a smile on his face and not waiting for permission to go! What else could it be besides worship? --Allison

16.1.1. Eric Thompson: I agree with Allison's statement and how she described how nature is Simons release from the island. She enhances the fact that nature is a worship area for Simon and is very important for him on this island. You can tell because he randomly wonders into the forest and is happy about it just how Allison said in her response.

17. Eric Thompson:“But they’ll be painted! You know how it is.” The others nodded. They understood only too well the liberation into savagery that the concealing paint brought. “ Well we won’t be painted, “because we aren’t savages.” (Golding 172)

17.1. Response Evan: This quote also reminds me of heaven and hell in many ways, but another thing it reminds me of is intimidation. Jacks group wants to seem strong and powerful, like no-one can hurt them. Ralph on the other hand doesn't have that ego and is conscientious enough to not fall onto this dark path.

17.2. Response: When I read this quote it reminds me of heaven and hell. It reminds me of hell because in hell they are all scary looking and savage. In Lord of the flies Jacks group is sort of like hell because they are scary and enjoy killing. Then it also reminds me of heaven because Ralph’s group is more peaceful and trying to make peace. It also reminds me of heaven and hell because Satan once was an angel for heaven but become angry and turned into Satan. This action reminds me of Jack because he was part of Ralph’s group (god) and now has made his own savage group (hell).

18. • ““It was furry. There was something moving behind its head—wings…” “There were eyes—“ “Teeth—“ “Claws—“ (100). --Allison

18.1. • In the Bible, Satan was originally one of God’s angels, named Lucifer, however, he turned against God and cast out of heaven to earth. In this passage, it describes the beastie with wings, and in our day in age, we tend to imagine angels with wings. This could be describing Satan when they describe the beastie, for they both have wings. It could also be the beast that is described in the book of Revelation in the Bible. This beast is considered the Antichrist by a lot of people. Later in Revelation, Satan inhabits the Antichrist. --Allison

18.1.1. lucifer descent

18.1.2. ABBI: I included this picture as it depicts Lucifer and his transition into becoming Satan as Allison described. Eric Thompson: Another thing to add is that Satan being one of gods angels then he left is an example of Jack and Ralph. For example Ralph being god , Jack was in Ralphs group but left his group and became savage and dangerous. This is related because Satan is dangerous and so is Jack. God is organized and respected same as Ralph.

19. ABBI :"I'm warning you. I'm going to get angry. D'you see? You're not wanted. We're going to have fun on this island! So don't try it. Or else." (Golding 144)

19.1. In this moment Simon comes to the realization and it is made obvious to the reader what the beast is. The satanic entity of the story takes the form of a pig head and delivers his threat to Simon. The Lord of the Flies, speaks to him: "I'm the Beast … You knew, didn't you? I'm part of you?" As Simon descends into a faint, the Lord of the Flies says, "We are going to have fun on this island!" The beast warns Simon that if he tries to interfere Jack, Roger, Maurice, Robert, Bill, Piggy, and Ralph will "do" him. The beast links itself to "fun" (savagery) and confirms it exists within men. The beast claims both civilization and savagery as allies against Simon's spiritual truth.

19.1.1. Eric Thompson: While I read the quote that Abbi added it made me realize that when the beast says that they were going to have fun it meant being savage and dangerous. I believe that the lord of the flies meant that because as soon that thats over the group separates into two groups. Once they separate into two groups its very hard to manage people because they are separated. Then Ralph wants to go get the specs of Piggy back Jack becomes savage and starts attacking and killing Ralph's group. That's Jacks fun.

20. Quote Evan: The chief was sitting there, naked to the waist, his face blocked out in white and red. The tribe lay in a semi-circle before him. The newly beaten and unified Wilfred was sniffling noisily in the background" (Golding 160).

20.1. This is spirituality because the group became a savage "tribe." They are tying up their own members and deciding whether to kill them or not. The social structure is gone and there is no getting it back.