Gone With the Wind Character Analysis

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Gone With the Wind Character Analysis by Mind Map: Gone With the Wind Character Analysis

1. Gone With the Wind is a timeless classic, focused on love, duty, honor, self importance and sacrifice. In order to enjoy the richness of the novel, one must fully understand the purpose of the characters, and everything they symbolize.

2. Bonnie Blue Butler

2.1. She holds Scarlett and Rhett's marriage together

2.2. She is beautiful and sweet, but also stubborn

2.3. The apple of Rhett's eye because she reminds him of the Scarlett he once knew, and fell in love with

3. Scarlett O'Hara

3.1. Calculating, deceetful and charming

3.2. Passionate, beautiful, selfish, determined

3.3. Strong characteristics and perserverance

3.4. Although madly in love with Ashley, she is committed to her home and recognizes Rhett as her equal in wit

3.5. In love with money, position, and power more than concerned for others or family ties

4. Rhett Butler

4.1. Rogue, rebellious, renegade

4.2. Dark hero, capable of love and hate

4.3. Apart from society, indifferent to culturally accepted ideas or values

4.3.1. Included

4.3.2. Included

4.3.3. Excluded

5. Ashley Wilkes

5.1. Capable of lust, but not commitment

5.2. Prefers to dwell on the past, then to face the future

5.3. Passive, pensive, loyal. He is concerned with primarily studying books, and philosophy rather than carrying out the actual idea

6. Mammy

6.1. Honest, insightful, matronly

6.2. Sympathetic to Scarlett, but sees the sense in Rhett's ideals and stands by him

6.3. Constantly takes care of Scarlett, and watches out for her. Mammy is concerned with setting up a home

7. Melanie Hamilton Wilkes

7.1. Soft, kind, not judgmental

7.1.1. Materials

7.1.2. Personel

7.1.3. Services

7.1.4. Duration

7.2. Ignorant of Scarlett and Ashley's affairs because she wants to see the best in everyone

7.3. Willing to sacrifice for the Cause, family, and Scarlett on multiple occasions

8. Belle Watling

8.1. Strong, self confident and thoughtful

8.1.1. Dependencies

8.1.2. Milestones

8.2. In a sense, she is Scarlett's doppelganger. Even though her position is not respectable in her society, she has Scarlett's strength, but cares more for others than self, unlike Scarlett

8.2.1. KPI's

8.3. Cares deeply for her son, and a loyal friend to Rhett. She is not focused on money or materials, only the people she loves

8.3.1. Schedule

8.3.2. Budget