Heartland is a realistic portrayal of a Singaporean boy’s search for identity. Do you agree?

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Heartland is a realistic portrayal of a Singaporean boy’s search for identity. Do you agree? by Mind Map: Heartland is a realistic portrayal of a Singaporean boy’s search for identity. Do you agree?

1. No, it is not realistic

1.1. Singaporean men do not struggle as much as Wing in search for their identity

1.1.1. Singaporean men's struggle in search for their identity are not so bad that they go through so many relationship issues-with uncles, girlfriends, etc-and face so many challenges-friends going to the hospital, friends go though major changes, etc. personally, i say, most of the issues in the story may be exaggerated

1.2. He is too attached to his Heartland that he experiences some failures in relationship

1.2.1. Singaporean men may or may not experience the same difficulties and challenges Wing faces in his relationships

1.3. Singaporean men do not necessarily go through the same experiences as Wing does.

1.3.1. Men of differing race, culture and family backgrounds like Joshua, Sham and Eugene, do not go through what Wing goes through

1.4. Wing is an individual on his own, with his own unique characteristics that other Singaporean men may not necessarily have.

1.4.1. For example, Wing often keeps to himself and is not very sociable, thus affecting his relationships with others; but other Singaporean men may not be like so.

1.5. The novel is only viewed from the perspective of a Junior College student, and the view of the typical Polytechnic student is not represented here.

1.5.1. The perspective of the Junior College student differs from that of the Polytechnic student in the way they view the things in life. For example, when Wing does not do as well as he had expected in the A levels, his non-JC friends think that it's quite good, considering that he can still go to a Polytechnic. But they do not really know how a JC student might feel - upset, angry with oneself etc.

2. Key words & ideas

2.1. realistic portrayal

2.1.1. definition realistic: given to the representation of things as they really are. portrayal: depicting or representing

2.2. search for identity

2.2.1. definition identity: who / what someone really is; the characteristics, feelings or beliefs that distinguish people from others. To search for one's identity is to find out who one really is, without conforming to the world's beliefs; to 'be yourself'.

2.3. Singaporean

2.3.1. definition To belong and be rooted to Singapore, knowing the country well, to uphold its beliefs, culture and traditions.

3. Yes, it is realistic

3.1. He goes to NS just like what the typical Singaporean men do

3.1.1. The story also shows how tough NS can be

3.1.2. It also show how the higher ranked officers boss around the lower ranks.

3.1.3. It also shows the officers using vulgarities in NS, which is true. Vulgarities are used to intimidate people in NS

3.2. Like other boys of the same age, he is unsure about his future and is searching for his own identity

3.3. He looks foward to a relationship

3.3.1. The story does show that maintaining a relationship is hard, therefore, its rather realistic

3.4. He is attached to his estate and has strong feelings for it

3.4.1. People do normally care less about Boy-Girl relationships when they are 'in love' with their heartland

3.5. There are different social classes in Singapore

3.5.1. Higher end classes do not normally go out with the lower end

3.6. Wing lives in the heartland and thus understands it more

3.6.1. And 90% of the Singaporean population live in the heartland too, therefore Wing is a realistic portrayal of their lives