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Web 2.0 by Mind Map: Web 2.0

1. web 2.0 tools. *creation of social networks. *blogs. *RSS(really simple syndication)

2. Wikis.

2.1. Blogs.

3. online collaboration:This is when two or more people share ideas and issues. Usually leads to genius sollutions. Great for social networking. Its also verry effective,quick and cheap.

3.1. Builds relationships from all over the world.

4. Business activities:Enables us to collaborate,share information and create new services online.

4.1. e-commerce:E

5. Cloud computing,software mashup and widgets. mashups and widgets enables users and system developers to mix and match content or software components to create something new.

5.1. New node

5.2. New node

6. *collection of destination sites. *source of data and services that can be combined to create aplications users need.

7. Orginazations such as Microsoft,IBM and Dell regularly share info on how wb2.0 can be used more effectively.