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Browsers by Mind Map: Browsers

1. Define Browser:

2. Opera l

2.1. Pros

2.1.1. Has its own widgets – small web applications that start from within Opera - and historically a trailblazer, leading the way with features that are now common on modern browsers including tabbed browsing, speed dial (web page previews for navigation) and mobile browsing.

2.1.2. Widely cross-platform - it even has versions for the Nintendo DS and Wii games consoles. Two unique features are mouse gestures and voice control. The latest version, 10.10, was released after we had finished testing, but is notable as it has several major improvements. These include Opera Unite, a platform for developers to include programs within the browser such as a web server, file and photo sharing, chat room hosting, and even media streaming.

2.2. Cons

2.2.1. Hardly speedy

2.2.2. Email client very limited

3. google Chrome logo

3.1. Pros:

3.1.1. each tab works independently, so if one crashes, the others don’t go down with it.

3.1.2. Chrome’s emphasis is on speed, simplicity and style, using layout themes and an uncluttered look.

3.1.3. Reliable

3.1.4. Fast

3.2. Cons:

3.2.1. Chrome still doesn’t have a print preview feature.

3.2.2. Horrible interface

4. internet Explorer

4.1. Pros

4.1.1. The default

4.1.2. Supported by all

4.1.3. Web Slices

4.2. Cons

4.2.1. That is the main thing to be said about it. It is just so slow compared to the other options, and while the new IE8 has aimed to combat this, it hasn’t done enough to make it feel like a browser for the modern age.w

4.2.2. Slow

5. FoxFire

5.1. Pros

5.1.1. Offers a high level of customisability due to third-party support for its extensible architecture, which lets you install add-on programs to give the browser extra capabilities. This helps keep Firefox relatively lean, but allows individual users to add specific features that they like.

5.1.2. Firefox’s developer, Mozilla, claims more than 6000 free add-ons are available to choose from. Popular Firefox extensions include ad blockers, appearance enhancers, toolbars, video downloaders, social networking tools and security enhancers.

5.2. Cons

5.2.1. Mozilla claims Firefox 3.5 is more than twice as fast as Firefox 3, and 10 times as fast as Firefox 2, but our testing shows it still lags behind Chrome, Safari and Opera.

5.2.2. Another disadvantage of Firefox® is that downloads cannot be resumed if interrupted. This may not be a big deal if you have DSL service, but those on a dial-up connection may have a lot of trouble with this. Firefox® was actually designed for people using high-speed Internet, which means dial-up users can run into many problems along the way.

6. apple Safari

6.1. Pros

6.1.1. Apple’s own browser is available for Mac OS X and for Windows, powered by the speedy WebKit engine and with mobile versions for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

6.1.2. Safari incorporates the look and feel of Mac OS X with the Cover Flow feature that lets you flip through pages of your browsing history and bookmarks and also includes tabbed browsing, page previews and private browsing.

6.1.3. For many, Apple is a taboo word. With their pompous attitude and their simple interface, many will be put off by the name. As somebody who uses an iMac as well as a PC, I can tell you that the program works very well on a Mac, the user interface looks right on the operating system, and it overall feels functional and fast.

6.2. Cons

6.2.1. Unfortunately, that does not carry forward to the PC. The UI feels wrong amid the aero glass, and Apple’s attempts to port the general style of the program has resulted in an eyesore

6.2.2. “Clunky”

6.2.3. Horrible interface

7. Sources


7.2. New