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EyeJot by Mind Map: EyeJot

1. Technology

1.1. Eyejot allows teachers to add all parent e-mails as their "friends" and create videos that the student's families can view instantly.

1.1.1. If a family wants their child's video to be private, can one be private but the other students' work public? -Dr. Fritz

1.1.2. Dr. Fritz, I will have to check into this, however, it is more like a "classroom news update" rather than a showcase of student work. Students will be able to volunteer to deliver important information via video that will is sent to all the student's families at one time. Thanks! -E. Reinaker There is a way to send a video to only a few people in the group, however, I feel that other apps would be easier for this. If a parent did not want their student involved, they just would not need to participate in the video sent to all of the parents. Hope this makes sense! Thanks! -E. Reinaker

1.2. Allows teachers to use technology (and meet their school technology goals) in a user-friendly way, that is easily accessible. There is an app of eye jot.

1.3. This technology allows teachers to reach families quickly and cuts down immensely on time that would be taken to send out numerous e-mails or memos.

2. Classroom Culture

2.1. Parents can feel like they are involved and on the same page with the rest of the families in the class and students are aware of this as well

2.2. Students and parents can actually feel like parent/teacher communication is a positive and fun thing!

2.3. Teachers can access the family easily so current curriculum being taught in class can be reinforced at home, which helps to improve the student's academic success and creates a positive classroom environment for students and their families

3. Student Involvement

3.1. Students can actively participate in the creation of the video sent home to parents

3.2. Students can create the videos and parents will be excited to see their own students in the videos. This helps create student-led learning

3.3. This can be used as an incentive for positive behavior! Students can work on planning, writing, and taping their message to the families of classmates.

4. Collaboration

4.1. Teachers are able to easily access all parents at one time through the use of eye jot

4.1.1. Elizabeth, good job on your concept map for Eye Jot. Reviewing the information, you seem to offer a lot of ideas for using Eye Jot to send videos and collaborate with parents. I wonder if the app would also be useful for delivering instruction to (older) students in the audio/visual format? I could envision using the app as a teacher to capture and deliver a quick video that reinforces information from a lesson. For example, if I was a teacher hiking in the woods on a Saturday, I may be able to record something related to our recent science lessons that I can send to my students, (J. Morroni) Jason, that is a really cool idea! That would be awesome, especially for older students. There is an app that is available on most cell phones and would make it very easy to make a video "on the go." Thanks for the suggestion! -E. Reinaker What a great idea Jason! I love reading all these different sites and suggestions how we can incorporate them in the classroom! We just had a celebration day on Friday where we recognized all the students with 100% homework completion in each class. My coordinating teacher emailed a picture of the students to the parents, but having a video of our little presentation through EyeJot would have been even better!! -K.Peloquin

4.2. Parents can easily find out upcoming events via eyejot and this ensures they are receiving the information in a timely manner

4.3. Teachers can also work with other teachers to organize eyejot videos and present information as a team.

5. www.eyejot.com

5.1. I was curious about the cost, and see that they have 3 levels of pricing. The free version is limited to 5 minute videos and is not add-free.

5.2. NOTEL If you're an educator and have a valid, current .edu email address write to us at [email protected] from that mailbox to request a FREE PRO+ upgrade. Encourage ALL your colleagues to do the same. Eyejot's advanced PRO+ features are FREE for educators. That includes all education levels from Pre-K through college. All you have to do is ask!

5.3. If you'd like to provide PRO+ for your entire district or school system just write us. We’ll provide a special upgrade code that can be shared with your entire team / staff. (S. Enge)